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Brand new car, let the dealer worry about it. Probably a bad or out of balance tire.

2006-09-08 21:37:40
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What could be the problem if your 2001 Cherokee's steering shakes when it hits 50mph until around 55mph when it stops?

Probably a wheel balance problem or possibly a bent rim.

What can cause a 1991 Chevy cavalier to shake when driving at 55mph or higher?

Wheel balance, bent rim, bad tire or worn steering components to name a few.

What makes a 2000 Ford Ranger miss at speeds of 55mph or higher?

Because it's a Ford

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How many kilometers per hour in 55mph?

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Why does your steering wheel shake when you drive between 50-55MPH on a 2004 Sahara?

u probabily need an alignment u probabily need an alignment

Steering wheel shaking 55mph plus?

This is a classic symptom of a tire out of balance. Have the tires inspected for damage and have the tires rotated and balanced. This should solve the problem.

What if at 55mph a 89 240sx shakes and stops after 60mph?

Probably your drive shaft needs balanced. check to see if you have some gunk stuck on it that could be throwing it off it also could be a rim that need balanced or aligned

Why would a jeep wrangler shake violently from 50mph to 55mph?

Check into a new steering dampner, it's a common cause for shake at speed in a Jeep, but it could also be alignment or balance.

2006 Honda CR-V shakes 45-55mph then evens out?

Unless you can tell whether it is coming from the front or the back of the vehicle, check the balance of all your tires. Another possibility - you may have a bad engine mount.

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My front passenger wheel was shaking I thought it was a bad tire I got new tires on front With the new tires it is worse I really dont feel it much until I go over 45mph If I hit 55mph it shakes bad?

This is not a question its just a statement.

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ya. i have one and im 110lbs and i can easily do 55mph.

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Car shakes when at 55mph and stops when I step off the gas I just had it aligned new tires and brakes. It also jerks when I press on the gas pedal sometimes. dont' know if the two are related.?

Your universal joints are shot, get them replaced asap!

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