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Lots of things. Fuel, timing belt broke, coil or coil pack, fuse, bad spark plugs, spark control or pick up in the distributor. What kind of car, how old, and how did it do when it wouldn't start the first time or what happened when it wouldn't? Many cars have the same thing happen so it helps to know what kind it is.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-17 15:52:39
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Q: New battery and car wont start even with a jump?
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Your car battery is dead and your outside temperatures have been below 25 degrees for several days Can you jump start it and what happens if the battery is frozen?

Jump it, it will either start or it wont

Can you jump start a car with a bad alternator?

you can but it wont stay running if the battery is dead

What would cause your 2004 jetta not to start without a jump then when you stop the car it wont start again?

bad battery or loose battery cable

97 explorer clicks but wont start?

You need to charge your battery or get a jump. Replace the battery or have it checked because it is dead.

Why a 2000 chrysler sebring wont start but clicks?

Jump start car and ensure battery and alternator are good.

Why wont my 1995 Dodge Neon start even after battery jump what else could be the problem?

First guess would be a starter motor Does it turn over?

My 02 lancer wont start battery works and when you turn the key you hear cliking but engine wont turn?

Your battery is dead (even though you have some power), jump start it and when car is running test voltage to see if alternator needs to be replaced. Also ensure battery terminals are properly secure if you have no luck.

How do you reset 1996 stratus that wont start?

If your 1996 Dodge Stratus wonÕt start you can try to jump start the car. There is no reset button like a computer. You can recharge your car battery with a jump start.

Why wont your car start the lights turn on but are dim A jump didn't help It wont even turn over?

if the battery is completely dead you cant get enought amps thru jumper cables to the starter motor

Your grand am clicks but wont start?

Check your battery connections. If they're tight and no corrosion is present, then your battery may be dead. Recharge or jump start the battery. Still clicking? Replace the starter.

Why won't my 1999 LHS wont stay running after a jump start?

bad alternator, dead battery.

Why wont my Rover 420 diesel start this morning has a clicking sound?

Jump start car and ensure alternator and battery are good.

What would be wrong if a sebring wont start or make any noise but it will start with a jump?

Either a discharged battery or a corroded battery terminal. The battery could be discharged because the alternator isn't working.

Car wont start wont even turn over the lights are on so its not the battery?

try testing the starter

Your car wont start just makes a clicking sound?

That could be the alternator or the battery. Try jump starting your car with another car's battery. If it still does not start, it is probably the alternator. If it starts, your battery is dead.

What could be the problem on a 1993 730 BMW after you change the battery it still wont start without a jump?

If it starts with a jump, then it is obvious the problem is with the battery. Or, if it started with the new battery at first and then will not start later on without a jump, your alternator is defective. If the battery is fully charged and the positive and negative cables are good, it's possible that the starter motor is bad.

Your car wont start was making a clicking sound and now it its doing anything.?

sounds like a flat battery get a battery charger or jumpstart it with jump leads

Why wont my 92 Chevy lumina 3.1 start?

Try getting a jump start. Could be a bad battery. If your battery is good, then you will need to get a new starter. It may be the Starter or the battery make be dead,

97 Monte Carlo will click but wont start?

Jump start the car then go to auto parts store they will check the battery for you and let you know what the problem is.Most likely the battery is shot.

Your Massey Ferguson 35 will not start unless you jump start it from your car is a new battery needed?

new battery installed . push starter and all I get Is a humming sound . wont turnover though

What could be the cause for a car to not start?

The engine may be too cold or the batteries may be out. Is the car turning over but not starting? If it wont even crank, first thing to do is charge battery or jump it. Then we can go from there, however I need more info and we can start going through diiferent steps to figure out why it wont start. First make sure you have power from battery.

My vw bug wont start?

if it doesnt turn over check your battery, you might just need a jump. the battery is under the rear seat.

Your mitsubshi galant stalls then wont start back up without a jump new battery just put in?

it could be the starter

When you shut the hood on your 97 avenger it touched the battery terminals Car wont start or jump Relay maybe?

Blown fuse.

Why a 1980 f150 4.9 wont start and the battery is good but will start if boosted?

I assume you had the battery properly tested under load. Its starts and runs when jump started so that tells me assuming the battery is in fact good that the battery cable connections to the battery are bad and need cleaning.

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