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New hex code pet society?

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001 for cheat ... 5.5 or 002 for cheat... 5.4

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What's the last hex code of pet society coins hack?

The Hex Code Of Hack OF Pet Society Is: 840FFF85C12AFF2Thanks!

What is the hex code of pet society cheat engine?

look the one only the facebookthe freezer

What is The hex of cheat engine 5.5 for pet society for blue coins?

The Answer were found in Infinitehax.blogspot.com

What is the ecx code on pet society?

There are many ECX codes for pet society, depending on how many points you want. FF6D7011 is the main one. But if you want a different amount, open up your calculator in the accessories, click on view scientific, then make sure you are on Dec. Then put in the amount of points you want, click on hex, and there's your ECX code.

What is the cheat code on pet society?

there isn't no cheats in pet society but i found one use cheat enginego to http\www.cheatengine.com

What is a code to get a webkin for free?

a webkinz code is a code that you use to go online and go to new acout and prees i have a pet code and adopt a pet.

Does cheat engine 6.2 work on pet society?

Yes!!it works...the code was 14885f15374c8ff

How do you have a job in pet society?

There are no jobs for you in pet society

How do you change the name of your pet on pet society?

To change your pets name in Pet society you go to the "Stylist shop" and once your in back space your characters name and type the new one. It will cost you 30 coins.

Cheats in pet society?

how to upgrade my paw points in pet society

How do you restart a Pet Society?

I don't think you can restart your pet society -_-

What does the magic forest lute do on pet society?

It unlocks a new animation when you bring your pet over it. (click the magic forest lute.)

On facebook on the game pet society how do you restart a new pet?

You can't restart your pet but you can change the image of your pet by going to the stylish and change the image of your pet (by the way if your going to change the image of your pet you also need to pay for it)

Need a Littlest Pet Shop VIP code for snail?

yes.because it make you adopt your pet,get bonus codesand be gold member .To get bonus codes,you must adopt new pet.Enter the bonus code at bonus codes booth.The code of bonus code is the codes of your new pet. But, if sum1 isn't allowed 2 by 1, give them unused codes!

How do you delete friend in pet society?

you can delete your friend in pet society by unfriending her / him on facebook.

How do you level up in pet society?

How do you level up in pet society?To level up in Pet Society you can visit your friends or earn trophys and awards and that will level you up.

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