Nick Jonas imvu?

The answer to this is that Nick Jonas has got imvu but keeps it private. he signs in every once or twice a week after his study break. an exclusive reveals that he uses it mostly to speak to Selena, his brothers and an avatar named sashayla who he seems to be contacting alot. although many sources have tried, her identity has not been confirmed yet but it is for sure that nick Jonas has imvu but to trick people, every buddy nick has is advised to add posers to confuse others so that no one is potent on who nick Jonas' avatar is.

The only challenge facing us is that this uknown avatar has refused to reveal which nick is real and will not tell anyone, she even starts conversation with the posers just to hide the real one. we are hoping that she will open up soon but she apparently refuses and says that "he needs his privacy so give him some space, you do not have to stalk his every move, and how are you sure that the nick i talk to is the real one, and if he is can't you just give him a break for God's sake, give him some room to breathe, just give him a break"