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yes because they are little people i mean little people

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What nicknames does Niko Alexander go by?

Niko Alexander goes by Niko Alexander.

Should Niko and Jessica go out?

yess i think they wuld loook cute together

What nicknames does Niko Viyano Galvagno go by?

Niko Viyano Galvagno goes by Sanman Vandang.

In Grand Theft Auto 4 can niko dive?

Niko can go into the water but he cannot go underwater for long without dying.

What is 'Niko' in Samoan?

Niko is Niko also in Samoan.

What are jack Hanna's parents names?

John and Natile

Who wrote tuck ever lasting?

Natile babit

How does niko get other girlfriends?

You go to the internet cafe and go to

Can you go to jail in GTA4?

Niko does not go to jail in gta IV, but he can be picked up by the police and stripped of all his weapons. There is a penitentiary situated in Alderney, and Niko does go there to visit Gerry McCreary who is on remand.

Who played padmay in Star Wars?

Padme was played by Natile Portman

What is the birth name of Niko Novick?

Niko Novick's birth name is Niko Stjepanovic.

Niko stop farting?

I can't stop so go away(>.<)

What nicknames does Nikolai Nikolaeff go by?

Nikolai Nikolaeff goes by Niko.

What nicknames does Nikos Stathakis go by?

Nikos Stathakis goes by Niko.

What nicknames does Nikolai Fraiture go by?

Nikolai Fraiture goes by Niko.

What nicknames does Nikola Kolev go by?

Nikola Kolev goes by Niko.

What nicknames does Nikolas Zasimczuk go by?

Nikolas Zasimczuk goes by Niko.

Is Niko Bellic an atheist?

No Niko Bellic is Not Athiest Niko Bellic Religion is Orthodox Christanity

What is the birth name of Niko Kostet?

Niko Kostet's birth name is Niko Markus Kostet.

What is the birth name of Niko Koutouvides?

Niko Koutouvides's birth name is Niko Stelios Koutouvides.

What two sisters play netball for Australia?

Laura and Natile Von Bertouch

What type of autism did Natile have in Al Capone does your shirts?

Childhood disintegrative disorder

What is the birth name of Niko Jutila?

Niko Jutila's birth name is Niko Kalevi Kristian Jutila.

How tall is Niko Alexander?

Niko Alexander is 5'.

When can you kill play boy x in gta 4?

At a certain point in the game, Playboy X will call Niko and then discuss Dwayne. Playboy X wants Niko to kill Dwayne, because he's now getting on his nerves, and obviously Playboy wants to be top dog. Niko feels he has to think about this first. Eventually Dwayne will also call Niko and tell him that he fears Playboy is out to get him, and asks Niko for his support. This mission becomes The Holland Play, in which Niko has to decide which of the two he should kill. Once the decision has been made, Niko can go to the apartment of the chosen victim and carry out the execution.Whichever one he kills will have a different bearing on the future storyline.Big hint: The killing of Playboy X brings better advantages to the gamer

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