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Nine goddesses of arts?


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November 05, 2011 11:45PM

Calliope - Goddess of Epic Poetry - Emblem of the writing tablet

Clio - Goddess of History - Emblem of Scrolls

Erato - Goddess of Love Poetry - Emblem of a Cithara (Lyre family)

Euterpe - Goddess of Lyric Poetry - Emblem of a Aulos (Flute family)

Melpomene - Goddess of Tragedy - Emblem of a Tragic Mask

Polyhymnia - Goddess of Sacred Poetry - Emblem of a Veil

Terpsichore - Goddess of Choral Dance and Song - Emblem of a Lyre

Thalia - Goddess of Comedy - Emblem of a Comedy Mask

Urania - Goddess of Astronomy - Emblem of Globe and Compass