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Nine yards squared is equal to how many feet squared?

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Nine square yards equals 81 square feet.

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There are 3 feet in a yard so nine feet equals 3 yards.

there is 200 squared yards in 1800 squared feet 9/1800=200 squared yards

Nine feet @three feet per yard.

155.55 square yards in 1,400 square feet.

15 square feet = 1.66 square yards.

4 and a half square yards. . .a square yard is nine sq feet

To convert from square yards to square feet, multiply square yards by 9. So, 50.15 x 9 = 431.35 square feet.

7 The dimension you provide is not a squared dimension but a linear dimension. There are no squared dimensions in a linear dimension. There are 7 linear yards in 21 linear feet, but no squared yards.

No, because nine yards = 27 feet.

9 feet 1 yard= 3 feet so 3 yards equal nine feet

There is nine feet in three yards.there are 9 feet in 3 yards

Nine feet is three yards.

189 feet is equal to 63 yards.

30 feet equal 10 yards.

105 yards is equal to 315 feet. 

120 feet is equal to 24 yards.

One yard is three feet, so three yards is nine feet

A yard is 3 feet and one foot is 12 inches. Two yards and three feet is nine feet, so that is 108 inches.

9 square yards = 81 square feet.

yards are 3x larger than feet so 5yd squared is larger

One yard is equal to 3 feet. Therefore, 12 yards is equal to 12 / 3 = 4 yards.There are 3 feet in one yard so 12 feet is equal to 4 yards.4 yards in 12 feet.

Seven yards is equal to twenty-one feet

nine feet are in three yards.

Depends. Three yards can be equal to - Nine feet, One hundred and eight inches, or just- Three yards

3 feet equal one yard so 36 feet are equal to 12 yards.

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