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Map a network drive to the windows XP share

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Configure Windows Defender to check for spyware definitions, specify the action to take once items are detected, amd perform a scan of the system

Short for security identifier, a security feature of the Windows NT and 2000operating systems. The SID is a unique name (alphanumeric character string) that is used to identify an object, such as a user or a group of users in a network of NT/2000 systems.Windows grants or denies access and privileges to resources based onACLs, which use SIDs to uniquely identify users and their group memberships. When a user requests access to a resource, the user��s SID is checked by the ACL to determine if that user is allowed to perform that action or if that user is part of a group that is allowed to perform that action.

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It means to do something. A verb.

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the action of gaining access to a computer or a network by entering a username and password

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