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tv on the radio

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How do you modify a walkie talkie to make the range wider?

If it operates on Citizens band, it's a four watt radio, and that's all which is permitted by law. If it's an FM radio, you need the services of a field professional.

What was Minutemen's real name?

Members of the band were Mike Watt, George Hurley, and D. Boon. They disbanded in 1985.

What antenna for 5 watt and 100 what ham radio?

The dimensions of the antenna completely depend on the frequency band in which youplan to operate the radio. This is all covered in the study materials for the license exam.You do have a license to operate that transmitter, don't you ? ! ?

What is the name of the band that sings oh radio?

That's Zack Ryder's song.

What has the author David E Hicks written?

David E. Hicks has written: 'CB radio antennas' -- subject(s): Antennas, Citizens band radio 'CB radio installation handbook' -- subject(s): Citizens band radio 'Citizens band radio handbook' -- subject(s): Citizens band radio 'Realistic guide to CB radio' -- subject(s): Citizens band radio 'CB radio operating procedures' -- subject(s): Citizens band radio

What is WB radio?

Weather Band Radio

Who did the band Queen influence?

Lady GaGa, she took her name from the song Radio GaGa

Is Go Radio a Christian band?

No, Go Radio is an Alternative Rock band from Tallahassee, Florida.

When was Radio Moscow - band - created?

Radio Moscow - band - was created in 2003.

What does cb radio stand for?

citizens band radio

What is the name of Amy dumas band?

The Luchagores. I've worked with them on my podcast... Public Nuisance Radio.

Who sings Zack Ryder theme song?

Oh Radio by Jim Johnson:]Oh Radio by Watt White

Can a car radio handle 500 watt speakers?

not your everyday factor radio that comes with a car...but, after market yes..

What is the FM radio band range?

The FM radio band range for the United States is between 88.1 and 108.1 in frequency. The AM radio band range for the United States is between 540 and 1600, but is used less frequently than FM radio.

What is James watt full name?

James Watt's full name was James Gaius Watt.

What is the birth name of Eddie Watt?

Eddie Watt's birth name is Eddie Dean Watt.

What is the birth name of Jack Watt?

Jack Watt's birth name is Jack O. Watt.

What is the birth name of Maeve Watt?

Maeve Watt's birth name is Olivia Maeve Watt.

What is the birth name of Sarah Watt?

Sarah Watt's birth name is Saran Ann Watt.

A battery uses 810J of energy to run a portable radio for 30 minutes What is the power of the radio?

810 joules / 30 minutes = 810 joules / 1,800 seconds = 0.45 joule per second = 0.45 watt.By the way:-- The battery supplies the energy at the rate of 0.45 watt.-- The radio uses or consumes the energy at the rate of 0.45 watt.

Will the analog to digital TV change affect TV band radio?

Yes. Your TV band radio will no longer work. You would need to have a radio with a tuner capable of picking up the new digital TV format. I don't know of any such product currently on the market. Digital radio (marketed under the name HD Radio) is a completely different technology.

What is low frequency and what is high frequency waves?

As can be seen in the spectrum above:low frequencies are radio frequencies below the AM radio bandmedium frequencies are radio frequencies spanning the AM radio bandhigh frequencies are radio frequencies in the shortwave radio bandvery high frequencies are radio frequencies spanning the FM and low numbered TV channel bandsetc.

What is world band radio?


What does the name gaga have to do with being dramatic?

GAGA is a reference to super theatrical band, Queen's, song Radio Gaga.

Is radio wave serenade a good band name?


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