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Where can one purchase an n95 phone?

Nokia is the manufacturer of the N95 phone, so one would be able to purchase this phone at any authorized Nokia dealer. Amazon and Ebay are two such dealers.

Do any retailers still sell Nokia N95 mobile phones?

The Nokia N95 mobile phone has pretty much become obsolete with the arrival of smartphones on the market. While no retailers currently carry this phone, one may be able to find it for sale second-hand from a private seller.

Where can one purchase a Nokia N95 phone online?

The Nikia N95 can be found online on a variety of different websites. Available sites include My Shopping, Zwee, Vodaphone, Amazon and of course straight from Nokia's official website.

Where can one purchase a Nokia 95?

The Nokia N95 was originally released in 2007 making it difficult to find a store that sells them still. The phone was released in many countries around the world. One can still find them available on the Amazon website.

Is the TomTom One the first GPS system TomTom made?

The TomTom One was not the first GPS system that TomTom made. According to Wikipedia, the first system they released was the TomTom Navigator in 2002. After that, they made Version 2 of this same system the following year. Here is a link with more information on this.

How do you Transfer Contact From Nokia N 95 to Nokia E 72?

you can save the contact in to your sim card first, and then copy them to the E72. by the way, how much did you cost on the N95? the price was deoped so much recently? i ordered one on the at just under $230.

Your tomtom has been charged but will not turn on why?

What model device are you using? TomTom One 3rd Edition

Where can one get the latest map for a Tomtom GPS system?

One can update the map on his or her TomTom GPS system through the official TomTom website. One does have to pay to update the map, but one gets four new maps over a twelve month period.

What the different between n95 made in Korea and Finland?

The n95-4 8GB (North American Version) is made in Korea. You can buy one in Finland, however, this might sound very strange, the Korean version is actually better. It is identical to the Finland version (keep in mind it is still made by Nokia, and is not a Chinese knock-off or imitation), having all the same features. The only difference is that the Korean n95 has a bigger screen (2.8 vs 2.6).

Is the TomTom bracket lockable?

Yes the tomtom bracket is lockable. Once one determines the posisition they would like the bracket, one can simply "lock" it into place.

Is the tomtom gps antenna compatable with other brands ?

Usually the tomtom brand only works for their own products. Tomtom was the one of the first navigation systems out there, but is now being surpassed by better brands like Garmin.

Which car's GPS is the best one?

One of the best GPS is Gamin. One of the worst is Tomtom.

Where can one go to find out about the different styles of Nokia Phones ?

One can go to many places to find out about the different styles of Nokia Phones. One can go to a phone store where they have all Nokia Phones. One can also go on Nokia site to find everything about Nokia phones.

Where o line can I learn whether or not I will need the Tomtom one mount?

You can learn whether or not you will need the Tomtom mount on the following site: Most people end up buying one.

What kind of reviews does the Tomtom GPS get?

Tomtom gps get very good reviews. It is rated one of the top gps in the world. There are many consumers who has purchased this product and enjoyed the product.

Where can one get free downloads of mp3 player?

There are a number of websites that allow one to get free downloads of MP3 player. One can get them from the 'mp3' website. One can also get free downloads from 'BearShare'.

What are the best selling Nokia phones?

As of late, one of the best selling Nokia phones has been the Nokia Lumia.

Got a tomtom one a while ago and wondering what kind of one it is to update maps they are UK maps?

On the Bottom it reads tomtom one (4N00.001) FCC ID S4LONE IC 5767A-ONE then another serial no with the 1st 3 figures in a box 'e13' 023289

Where can one get free music downloads?

There are a number of websites that offer free music downloads. One can find free downloads on sites such as 'BearShare', 'Artist Direct'. 'MusicDumper' and there are some free downloads on 'Google Play'.

Can I mount a gps TomTom one in my car?

Yes. The tomtom global positioning satellite electronic device usually comes with a car attachment which attaches to your car windshield with a rubber suction cup.

What is a tomtom 500 gps and where can you get one?

A Tomtom 500 GPS, generally refers to a specific make of GPS navigation system--or a mini computer that has preloaded maps and is connected to satellites that can pinpoint your location.

Where can one purchase a Nokia E75 smartphone?

One can purchase a Nokia E75 smartphone in numerous places. Firstly, one can try Nokia website. Alternatively, one can try eBay or Amazon for cheaper options.

Are tomtom gps systems reliable?

I think most gps systems are quite reliable if you learn how to use them properply. The tomtom use to be the most reliable one and then competinion came out and many are just as good.

Do you download maps to the TomTom XL 330S or does it have them stored on it already?

The TomTom stores maps. Just type in the one you need and it will pull it up. However, it can save close-ups on maps too, if you prefer.


Tomtom is a revolutionary GPS system that can direct you from one place to another. These GPS systems have become extremely popular since their release, do to this search around online for a cheap used one and just update the maps. If you'd rather go new search around at different electronic stores and compare prices because this item goes on sale often.