Interfaith Marriage

Non muslim marrying a muslim man?

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She has to convert.

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What do Muslims believe about marrying non Muslims?

Per religion, a Muslim man can marry a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman but a Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man, from an informed man

Can a Non-Muslim man marry a Muslim British woman?

Islam is passed through the male line, so in many cases Muslim women will ask Non-Muslim boyfriends to convert to Islam before marrying them. There is nothing wrong with a Muslim woman marrying a convert to Islam within Islamic Law or Custom. However, Muslim women will often object to marrying a man who will not convert to Islam since the children of the marriage will be Non-Muslims.

Does a non-Muslim woman has to undergo sunnat before marrying a Muslim man?

No.. No such a thing. It is pursed some tribes in Africa..

Should a dowry be expected in the case where a Muslim man marries a non Muslim wife?

Yes, no difference when a Muslim man is marrying a Muslim woman or Jewish or Christian woman regarding offering the Dowry so far it is a formal licit marriage.

Christian women have to convert to mArry a Muslim man?

No, is not compulsory that they convert before marrying a Muslim man.

Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man in Iran?

A:No. In Iran, it would be dangerous for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man.

What are Muslim beliefs on having a baby with a non Muslim?

a Muslim man can have a baby with a non Muslim but a Muslim woman can't have a baby with a non Muslim

Can a Muslim woman marry a non Muslim?

No, a Muslim woman can't marry a non Muslim man. Per Islam teachings, she is entitled only to marry a Muslim man

Can a Muslim man cheat on his non Muslim wife?


Can a non Muslim divorce a Muslim man?

of course

What can a non-Muslim man do to get permission from his Muslim Girl Friends parents to be with her or marry her besides convert?

Nothing. It is forbidden in Islam for a Muslim lady to marry a non-Muslim man. Peace.

In Egypt is it legal for a Muslim to marry a non-Muslim?

YES IT IS! but only if the man is the Muslim one.

Can a Muslim woman have a baby with non Muslim man?

It is sinful; per Islam teachings and rules; for a Muslim woman to have baby with non Muslims man. She is fully sinful to have the baby outside marriage and in the meantime she is not allowed to get married with a non-Muslim man. The only solution out of this problem is for the non-Muslim man to convert to Islam (with sincere faith and real acceptance) and then to marry the Muslim woman licitly. Refer to question below.

Is it right for a Muslim man or woman to marry a non Muslim?

A Muslim man may marry a true Jew woman or a true Christian woman as they also believe in the ONENESS of Almighty God and Prophethood. A Muslim woman CANNOT marry a non Muslim man.

Can Muslim woman marry catholique man?

No, a Muslim woman can't marry a non Muslim man (Catholic, Jewish, Orthodox, Hindus, ...). She can marry only a Muslim man.

Can a Muslim man marry a non-relgious woman?

Non-Religious ? it is a bit ambiguous term. Muslim man can marry a Muslim woman, a Jewish woman or a christian Muslim. No other religion is permitted.

What is free man means to witness nikah ceremony can a non Muslim man act as a witness?

Free man mean not a Servant (Ghulam), no non Muslim cant be witness.

Why Muslim girl don't marry non-Muslim boy?

The public sees the legalization of marriage for the Muslim scholars of the women of the people of the book, and agreed on the sanctity of a Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim, and this is devotional, and if we are to seek the wisdom of that can be said: Islam is permitted when the marriage of a man it is written from the husband to respect the fact that the Muslim religion believe all the prophets, and the non-Muslim if he married, he does not respect the Muslim faith, which does not believe in Npiha fire risks in the home and prevent the peace and compassion that are the strength of the houses, such as why Islam prevent this marriage.

Can a Muslim man marry a non Muslim Woman who has children from another marriage?

No he can not.

Can an orthodox man marry a Muslim girl?

No It is not allowed per islam rules for a Muslim girl to get married to an orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, or ;in general; to a non Muslim man. She is allowed to get married to only a Muslim man or to a Muslim convert man.

What to do or where to go with a Muslim man and a non-Muslim on a first date plus?

Better avoid the Muslim.

Can a Muslim woman marry a non virgin Muslim man?

Yes, a muslim woman can marry any muslim man of her decision as long as the marriage is consentual for both.

What are Hindu organizations doing in order to lure Muslim women?

according to my knowledge, there are no such organisations active. however few cases might occur, but mainly Hinduism does not allow marrying a muslim girl, where as islam allows marrying non islamic women.

Can a shia girl marry a Jewish guy?

Islam prohibits the marriage of a Muslim woman (whether shia or sunnah) and a non-Muslim man. Islam prohibits the marriage of a Muslim woman (whether shia or sunnah) and a non-Muslim man.

Can a Christian plait a Muslim's hair?

A Christian girl can plait a Muslim girls's hair. However, no non Muslim man and no mehrem Muslim man can plait a Muslim girls's hair. Mehrem is man who is entitled to marry the Muslim girl. Non Mehrems are son, father, brother, uncle, grand father, ...