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The body first uses sweating to reduce any increase in body temperature. If the person is dehydrated or cannot sweat, temperature can continue to rise.

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Q: Normal human body temperature is 37 C If the temperature increases which feedback mechanism attempts to reduce it back to 37 C?
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Feedback mechanism in a sentence?

To deter plagiarism the feedback mechanism is a punishment.

What is the restoring mechanism of the innar ear?

The restoring mechanism brings it back to the temperature. Batteries use feedback mechanisms and so do airplanes.

What is collector feedback?

the bias rsistor is returned back to collector. if temperature increases.

What is positive feedback circuits?

Positive feedback increases a process and negative feedback decreases a process. An example of positive feedback is uterine contractions during labor. The positive feedback mechanism works to keep increasing the contractions until delivery is complete.

What is the negative feedback mechanism of the body?

Actually, there is not "a" negative feedback mechanism, there are several, since the body has to keep temperature more or less constant, as well as acid levels, sugar level in the blood, etc.

What type of feedback mechanism does your body have to detect this imbalance?

your blood pressure is the feedback mechanism

Feedforward feedback control?

Feedforward is a preparatory control. EX. Smelling food leads to salivation and production of stomach acid in preparation of food. OR Starting to exercise increases heart rate and breathing rate in preparation of running low on oxygen for muscles. Feedback is a control mechanism where the product of the end mechanism either enhances or inhibits the start of the mechanism Positive feedback enhances Negative feedback inhibits

What is the name of mechanism that governs homeostasis?

feedback mechanism

What feedback mechanism is the blood pressure controlled by?

Negative feedback.

Feedback in a sentence?

To deter plagiarism the feedback mechanism is a punishment.

Is menstrual cycle a feedback mechanism?

Yes.The Menstrual cycle is a feedback mechanism because it is regulated by hormones which are controlled by negative feedback mechanisms. This mechanism includes hormones that are interacted with tissues in the menstrual cycle.

Identify the concept behind negative feedback system?

normal body temperature is about 37degree c . if it is increased or decreased ,it will be maintained by the negative feedback mechanism . gain=correction/error

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