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is it common to get a nose bleed after a neck injury

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Q: Nose bleed after hitting the back of the neck?
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Is it true that when you break your neck you bleed from your mouth and nose and ears?


What should you do when you have a nose bleed while brushing teeth?

Stop brushing the teeth first. Then, pinch the nose getting the blood stopped. Put some ice on the back of the neck often helps too.

Can lice present at the back of head ontop of neck cause the brain to bleed etc?


What part of the body to get sunburned?

Nose Back Shoulders Arms Neck Chest Ears

Why head hurts after hitting neck?

There could be a few reason on why head hurts after hitting the neck. The best thing for you to do is go have the doctors check it out.

What specific body most likely get sunburn?

Nose Back Shoulders Arms Neck Chest Ears

How do you get rid of nosebleeds?

Pinch the nose, tilt the head forward and put something cold on the back of the neck.

Where are knock out pressure points?

Your neck to be more exact its at the back of the head where the neck and the head meat. also hitting the side of the jaw upward with the right amount of force can do the trick.

How likely to bleed to death a neck bleeding or arms bleeding?

A bleeding from the neck would end up to be the one to make you bleed to death first.

Pain on right side of neck with nose bleeds sometimes and earache?

I believe that these symptoms are not related. The neck pain is most likely from strained muscles, the nose bleed is from blowing your nose too much, and the ear ache is perhaps from unequalized pressure due to a blockage of your Eustacian canal - but all of these are hypothetical diagnoses, and only if you are examined by a doctor can you get a reliable diagnosis.

Where is the best place to stroke a cat?

Near its ears, from its nose to the back of the neck and if your cat likes that, pet down its back until the end of its tail.

What is the name of the back of the neck?

The back of the neck is called the Nape of the neck.

What are the bodyparts of a panda hamster?

head, legs, paws, back, belly, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tail, and neck.

What is back in Latin?

Back as in the thing under your neck AT THE BACK is tergum. Spine = spina. Nose = nasus Eye = oculus Head = caput Mouth = os Hand = manus

What are the symptoms of spinal epidural hematoma?

Patients with spinal epidural hematoma may experience sudden onset of back or neck pain at the site of the bleed.

What is a Dragon Not like the one with the wings but like when you give someone a dragon?

(A) Slang for expelling semen from the mouth or nose after ejaculation, usually following oral sex. French prostitutes in the 1900's used to perform the trick of blowing semen through their nose. ; (B) Ejaculating into someone's mouth and then hitting them on the back of the head or neck, forcing the cum out of their nose so that they look like an angry fire breathing dragon.

Body parts that starts with n?

Nose, neck.

What is the back of the neck?

The back of the neck is the nape.

What is the medical Term meaning back of the neck?

napeNapenapeThe back of the neck is called the "nape."The back of the neck is the nuchal region.

What is the back of your neck suppose to look like?

the back of ur neck

What is that bump on the back of the neck where neck and back meet?

The tip of your backbone

What will happen if you pick the mole bumps off your neck?

You'll bleed... alot...

What are the parts of the neck?

Back of the neck is nape.

Part of the body above the neck with 4 letters?


Why is the elephant the only one with a long nose?

because they have no neck