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Not pregnant and clear fluid coming out your nipple what is that?


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I am not pregnant and i am not on Birth Control pill and have clear fluid coming from my nipple what can cause this symptom?

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Clear fluid coming from your nipple can be due to nipple stimulation, hormonal imbalance, or pregnancy. See your health care provider for an exam.

Probably not. Getting your period is a pretty reliable sign that you are not pregnant. It's normal to secrete small amounts of fluid from you nipples. If it seems excessive, consult your doctor. Well my daughter is 11 and she has liquid coming out of her nipples what does that mean??

Yes. but your vaginal lubrication fluid color normally ranges from clear to milky. The color does not indicate whether you are pregnant or not.

This question was already, asked your not pregnant. Breast milk don't produce until the 8-9month. You're not pregnant and if you do have fluid coming from your breast it isn't normal and all it means is your hormones are out of whack and no you're not pregnant.

When a person suffers a head injury it is possible for cerebrospinal fluid to leak out. After a head injury if the victim has clear fluid coming from the nose or ears it should be checked to determine if it is cerebrospinal fluid.

Absolutely normal.That is cervical mucus, also known as vaginal fluid, and it is normal for it to increase during pregnancy.

Clear fluid coming from the ears or nose is called otorrhea (fluid from the ear) or rhinorrhea (fluid form the nose). The concern with these findings is that the fluid is cerebrospinal fluid resulting from a passageway from the dural space into the external environment, especially in the setting of trauma or prior neurosurgical intervention. To detect cerebrospinal fluid (the clear fluid we're concerned about) mixed with blood coming from the ears or nose, get a sample of the fluid on a gauze pad. A positive test for CSF is a clear fluid surrounding the blood, a "halo."

Yes its a possibilty definately. But you should see a doctor to be sure. If you are pregnant the clear sticky fluid coming out of your breast, is what helps build your baby's immune system the first few days its born.

Females Who Use The Pill Will Get This For A While.

Either way you should see a doctor, because if you're not pregnant and you have this clear fluid, then there is some reason for that. NO!!!! Anytime I squeeze mine I have some clear milky stuff coming out of both. I had a baby 3 years ago and I have asked my OB-GYN and it is TOTALLY NORMAL AND HEALTHY. I am NOT pregnant.

When you are pregnant those small bumps leak fluid to help lubricate your nipple to help it not dry out.

This fluid is know as colostrum and happens as the body prepares for the birth of your baby.

Clear urine simply means that you have drank extra water or fluid, and then it came out in your pee. It's actually healthier to have clearer urine, not dark or yellow. Being pregnant should not change the color of your urine, and clear urine does not indicate whether or not you are pregnant.

Yes. Even if it is what is described as precum (cowpers fluid ) it is often contaminated with sperm and sperm will make you pregnant,

No. I wish I could tell you more but that is the first time I've ever heard of this. Tell your parents.

In the presence of head trauma they it could be cerebral spinal fluid which would be evidence of a serious injury.

Most often, you will find a slight caking on the nipple. It almost looks like dandruff. The breast might leak a tiny amount of a clear liquid, or even darker fluid. The caking is the leakage that has dried. The breast will become fuller, and sometimes sore. But the usual signs are that the nipple will "leak". This can also happen with non pregnant women who have a different hormonal make up.

presuming this is serious... if the preseminal fluid ("pre-cum" which is clear) comes in contact with vaginal secretions, the sperm present in the clear fluid can theoretically swim upstream and fertilize an egg.

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