Now that the Lincoln ls has been out a while can an owner give some pros and cons - mpg -continual problems- parts expenses - etc?

Overall, I can say is an excellent car! Lots of pros. Comfortable, great ride, lots of options, lots of bells and whistles, reliable engine, on and on. I could write pages on the pros, and how much I love this car, but your probably really asking the question to see if there's anything bad about the car, so I'll concentrate on that.

Right now for me, gas mileage is the worst one. I drive a V8 sport package, and i average 20 mpg even when most of my commute is on highway. That adds up quick with the miles I drive.

Repairs are very infrequent, but when they happen, they're expensive, and because it's a luxury car, it should be brought to a professional, likely a dealer. This is true with all luxury cars though!!

Lastly, I have one of the first models. It's and early 2000. There was a bug in the 2000 years in the first couple of months it was out. The tranny has quite a serious couple of seconds delay going into reverse. It was fixed inthe later production of 2000. But if you're looking to buy, just be aware. It's not bad, sometimes unnoticable. I don't mind it unless I'm in a hurry to go in reverse real quick. But it's worth looking for when your checking out your new ride!!

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I love my car, but have had extensive problems with air and heater. Six years now and problem still not resolved!!

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I have been a mechanic for 6 years now and have had the chance to drive a lot of vehicles, makes, and models. The Lincoln LS is one of the cars I have enjoyed to drive.

Many people complain about fuel mileage, which I don't know why. On the highway, using only 91 octane and higher, I average about 24-30 mpg. In town, it depends on how you drive. Like most vehicles with an 8 cylinder, if you race stop light to stop light, then your fuel mileage will drop to about 10-14mpg.

My response to the question, "Is this a good car?" What do you consider a good car?

Every car is different. EVERY CAR BREAKS DOWN at some time. Cars aren't perfect. At least I haven't found a car yet that hasn't had something break, stop working, or have some problem.

It all depends on what you are looking for in a car. If you want just fuel mileage, then go buy a Geo Metro or one of the Hybrids. If you want a luxury car that isn't as expensive as a BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes, that handles better than a regular sedan, and can burn the tires, then the Lincoln LS is a car to buy.