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Q: Oil and natural gas substitutes or complements?
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What has the author Shaik A Qader written?

Shaik A. Qader has written: 'Natural gas substitutes from coal and oil' -- subject(s): Coal gasification, Oil gasification

When engineers drill into earth and find a supply of both oil and natural gas do they find oil on natural gas or natural gas on oil?

Natural gas on top of the oil. Natural gas is less dense.

What resources located under the North Sea?

Oil and natural gas.

What are oil and natural gas?

Oil and natural gas are fossil fuels.

Is crude oil a natural gas?

No natural gas is natural gas.

Is natural gas crude oil?

No natural gas is natural gas.

What are the natural resources of United Arab Emirates?

Oil, natural gas, fishing

How is natural gas and oil different?

natural gas comes from the earth where as oil is processed

What are the Major Exports of Siberia?

crude oil and natural gas

Oil and natural gas reserves are found in?

oil and natural gas reserves are found in

What do oil and natural gas have in common?

Oil and natural gas are both "fossil" fuels.

Examples of fossil fuels?

The three main fossil fuels are coal, oil and natural gas