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What are oil and natural gas?


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Oil and natural gas are fossil fuels.

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Three types of fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas (:coalgasand oilCoal, Natural Gas, OilCoal, Oil, Natural GasCoal, Petroleum(Crude Oil) and Natural Gas.Oil, coal, gas.Coal,Oil (petroleum) and natural gas.Coal , oil , and natural gas .oil, coal and gasoil, gas and coalcoal,oil, and gascoal, oil, and natural gascoal oil and natural gas

No natural gas is natural gas.

oil and natural gas reserves are found in

natural gas comes from the earth where as oil is processed

Oil and natural gas are both "fossil" fuels.

Natural gas is natural gas. It is not made from crude oil or anything else. Thus the name.

Oil and Natural gas Oil and Natural gas

because natural gas you can not see it and oil you can see and it is sticky

should we use natural gas and oil

howdoes plankton get turned into oil and natural gas

Oil and natural gas forms from the buried remains of living things. The remains take millions of years to change into oil and natural gas.

Actually yes ! oil is found in the wells beneath the surface wherease the natural gas is present on its surface when we found the teasure of oil we will definitely get natural gas too because the gas eimmt from the oil is known as natural gas :-)

oil and gas are explored underground

Natural gas is found in oil fields, natural gas fields and coal beds.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is an Indian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Dehradun, India. Before it became a publicly held company it was a government body, known as The Oil and Natural Gas Commission.

Coal oil and natural gas are all fossil fuels which are non-renewable resources.

Crude oil is found below natural gas reservoirs.

Drilling for natural gas is similar to drilling for oil, but gas must be liquefied before it can be shipped.

Generally, the fuel gas we use comes from underground reservoirs, or natural gas, and this is a conventional source. However, a very small part of natural gas sources is the methane found in coal seams. It is being produced and marketed as natural gas and often classified as an unconventional source of natural gas. We generally don't use the term "natural oil" but rather crude oil, that is a conventional source. Oil and gas can be produced as biofuels, and these are considered unconventional sources.

Oil, Coal and Natural Gas are all natural resources that happen to be non-renewable fossil fuels.

coal oil and natural gas are all fossil fuels which are non-remoable resour

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