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Cracked Engine Block or blown head gasket.

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Q: Oil in the header water tank?
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What to do when you lose hot water pressure and only have cold water pressure?

This depends on whether the hot water comes from a combination boiler or from a hot water tank with a header tank feeding it. For a combination boiler the fault would probably be at the boiler, possibly from scale in the heat exchanger. For the system that uses the header tank and a hot water cylinder it could be that the float valve in the header tank is stuck an there for it is not refilling the tank or debris has entered the tank and is blocking the outlet.

Even when house water turned off why will water still drain from the hot water tank?

Reason for question: Plumber left valve open and flooded house The hot water (heater) tank is fed from a 'header tank'; normally in the loft space but can be combined with the main heater tank (fortic). The header is filled from the water main. Unless the header is drained or its outlet is closed off, it will drain down through the open valve of the hot water (heater) tank.

Where is the water level sensor on a jeep?

It is fitted to the bottom of the plastic header tank, and can be accessed by removing the tank.

How can you drain the water out from the oil tank?

it should not be a water in oil tank it is mean engine cracked

Why is their oil in the water in your expansion tank on your ford focus?

The most likely cause of this is a leaking or failed head gasket,with the engine running,see if there is excessive pressure reaching the header tank,also examine your oil dipstick,and an emulsified oil level (a creamy consistency),indicates also a failed head gasket,if you are not sure,take it to your nearest garage for a check to be carried out.

Jaguar s-type runs rough?

check ignition leads next to rad. header tank for water

How can you fix a quad when it has water on the engine?

Remove the header and all oil existing in the quad. There is a plg at the bottom of your quad that will let out all oil. Pass new oil through the quad and out the plug repeatedly and change your sparkplug. Start up quad with header off and let it spit all the water out. After a while you may re-install the header and put the plug back in with the new oil. Dont forget to change oil filter every 10-15 hours of riding time.

Been told by garage that head gasket has gone how would you know this is true?

is it using water? is there pressure when you unscrew the cap off the header tank? the oil cap will have a kind of fur on it when u unscrew it and sometimes car will blow white smoke from the exhaust because water will get in the engine

What is purifier in ships?

Purifier is the one who purified oil and water in a tank .it separate the oil from dirt to become clean it cleans the oil or water

What is the definition of a storage tank?

A tank which stores water, oil, gasoline, or air.

Is it possible for domestic heating oil in an outside tank to freeze?

no oil will not freeze. it will become thick and 'jell' up at -20c. if your tank or oil line froze you have water in your tank. this is caused by condensation building up in the tank. oil burner tech.

Oil in water tank ford transit?

Oil in water usually means head gasket gone.

Can oil fron a valve cover leak drip into the header and blow into the exhaust port and out the header?

Yes it sure can and will if the valve covers are leaking oil and the header gaskets are worn out/ leaking.

How do you replace the coolant overflow tank?

how do I replace my 2005 fiesta expansion header tank

How do clean an expansion or header tank of oil residue on a Rover Metro?

handful of rice and some biological washing liquid. shake shake shake and hey presto.......

Why is a motocross mixing water with the oil?

you dont mix water with oil. If you have a two stroke engine it needs oil and petrol in the tank or it will just die on you. But if you have a 4 stroke you just put petrol in the tank. Hope this helps.

Would the pressure at the bottom of a 3-foot holding tank be different if the tank held motor oil instead of water?

Yes, because the density of oil is less than water. (The pressure would be less with oil.)

Oil drain plug on a suzuki ltr 450?

There is one bolt on the bottom of the oil tank. The oil tank is located near the header pipe up front. There is also 2 horizontally mounted drain bolts on the bottom of the motor itself under the plastic OEM skid plate. Be careful and take your time, the 2 bottom ones tend to strip often!

Why are getting oil in your header tank on a Astra 1.7 diesel?

Have a look at this link from the web, hope it sheds some light on your problem.

Where is oil filter housing on BMW z3?

pop the hood and it's right in front of you. Black plastic cylinder with a nut on top, middle of car behind radiator header tank.

Your wife filled the oil tank with water what do you do?

take it to the shop

How do you get air out of a water line?

Domestically - by running it, or you ignore it. In a heating system and industrially, you use a seperator - basically a large can in the line with a vent to air or header tank at the top and the inlet and outlet for the water at the bottom.

Where is engine coolant in 206 Peugeot?

If you are looking at the car from the front... The coolant expansion tank (where you add coolant/water) is a large white header tank on the left at the rear of the engine bay. It is to the immediate right of the offside suspension strut.

There is oil in the water over flow tank VW golf?

Oil in the expansion tank indicates a leak between the internal oil channels and water channels within the cylinder head. This is usually attributed to a failed cylinder head gasket, cracked cylinder head or cracked oil cooler (where fitted).

How do you read oil tank gauge?

to read a oil tank you have to get a oil stick that its long and then put it in the oil tank