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I would say that he is lying and that he is guilty of sleeping with and using that condom..

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You just found a condom that was in you for at least a week you had no idea it was there Is there a health risk?

There is a chance that you could become pregnant from sperm in the condom or that you contracted an STD from the fluids in the condom. Additionally, bacteria from the condom could have grown and infected you with something.

How was dancing found?

Dancing was not found- it was a form of art created by early civilizations in order to honor and entertain their god or gods.

How do you put on a condom the right way?

First, you open the foil. the next step is checking for damages in the condom. If no damage is found on th condom, take it, put it on the tip of your penis, and roll the condom down the shaft, and pull the tip up just a bit for room so the condom can do it's job properly.

Where did line dancing originate?

My friends and I are doing a line dance for school and we need to know many things about it, like where it originated. From some other sites we found that line dancing didn't originate in Texas, and we don't have any other information. Better answer: line dancing originated in France. I learned this from one of my teachers.

In the crucible who found them in the woods dancing?


When was ballroom dancing discovered?

it was found in england in 1995

What does Archimedes famous for saying mean?

I have found it I have found it

Can you get a girl pregnant after three rounds of sex assuming that semen volume is very low and a condom is used However there were some white fluids found on the side of the condom?

No . As long as the condom didn't break . The white fluids most likely came from the girl

What would you do if your husband hide condoms from you?

Weeelllllll... Throw him into a well and see what happens.ANSWER:Ditto!! before I discovered my husband's affair, I found a condom inside his car on a driver seat. I confront him the next day why he have a condom, but he deny it. He gave me some " comment" like it could be from the people who fixed his car. It could be from our daughters friends who she gave rides home. There's more story behind this but I will not mentioned it. He stick with his excuse that its not him. But I found out the day he bought a condom was the week before he left for a business trip. The time I saw it was when he got home and it was inside his suitcase, the instruction of the condom and he stab from the flight. As usual he denies it even thought I saw it with my eyes that day.

Where could one find information about Dancing with the Stars 2013 tour dates and tickets?

Information about the Dancing with the stars 2013 tour including dates ;locations and ticket prices can be found on the Dancing with the Stars website. They can also be found on the relevant Facebook page.

What did a six year old find in her Happy Meal?

Apparently she found a condom as her toy. ++ some other girl found a chicken head

When going to the bathroom I found part of the condom that broke I started my period Is all of the condom out Can I get sick from this How do i know it is all out?

I suggest you go to your doctor and have an Internal to be sure it's all out and you don't have an infection.

Where do you buy dental dams?

Dental dams can be found in a drug store in the same area as other barrier methods (condom, female condom etc). They are hard to find, so if you cut a condom from the base to the tip (one cut) the it becomes a dental dam and is just as effective.

Where did the name line dancing come from?

Line dancing has been around for many centuries, dating back to the BC era. The popular line dancing that can be found today is in Country-Western genre.

Was step dancing inveted in Ireland?

Yes. Step dancing is a form of Gaelic traditional dance. It's also found in Scotland and Canada

Where did you get a sheet of rubber?

I have found it on the internet and found the website saying that they have got the world best rubber roofing sheets. I visit that site and read some of the reviews and found that they guys are saying true.

What does friends symbolize?

Friends stand for love, unity, peace and oneness. But this not found in the wrong friends.

How did Miranda Cosgrove get discovered?

She was found singing and dancing in a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Where were the origins of Greek drama probably found in?

Dancing to the gods in forest glades.

Do condoms prevent pubic lice?

Because pubic lice are found in many areas not covered by a condom, condoms have little or no effect on their transmission. You can easily get pubic lice from someone with a lice infestation even if you use a condom.

What do you do if the guy whos really popular and you not so popualar found out that you like him by your so called friends writing notes in class and giving it to him saying that ' I LOVE HIM '?

Don't Stress it. Just forget about your so called friends and if he doesn't like you back that's his lost!

You found condom in trunk of boyfriends car with expiration date 122011 when did he buy this?

Typically it is 5 years after manufacture, so from about the end of December 2006.ANSWER:When it comes to that stuff ( condom) I don't know anything about the expiration date. The question is why are you so interested in the date. If you found this in your boyfriend's car trunk, then he probably use it, or maybe not but it might have some kind of story behind that condom you found. A little advice this happened to me before from the man I married. I had found a condom inside his car, but there's a lot of story he gave me including my own daughter. Never forget it because that was the start of my question, which was he was having affairs already but not having sex yet, that's what he said, Ditto right?

Who sings the new rock song Pole Star Dancing?

i just found it, it is by a Canadian group called My Darkest Days and the song is called "pornstar dancing"

Where is the bluebird of happiness found?

It is only a saying, there is no such thing.

How did my friend get herpes he said he was always safe he always used condoms He said once he didn't have one so he borrowed his roomates condom he found in the trash The doctor said he had herpes?

He would have contracted the disease from the used condom.