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That depends upon the type of policy it is. Term insurance has no value once the term expires. Whole life insurance has value, and can be cashed in. Read the terms of the policy. Given that the policy in question was found, and therefore was probably forgotten before it was found, I doubt that is has value - but check and see.

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Q: Old policy found is there any value?
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You have found an old policy of your late uncles and would like to know if it has any value?

Liverpool and Victoria friendly society of 16-10-50

What is policy value?

It usually talks about the cash value or surrender value of a permanent policy. It could also reflect the death benefit of any policy.

I have and old life policy does it have any value lIFE CasualtyCo. of Tn.issued 1957. I am checking so to update my files?

yes it has value!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

If you have found an old whole life insurance policy and you?

don't know what to do with it, you should phone the insurance company and ask if the policy is still in force and if so, if it has any cash value. You might either want to cash it out, or to keep it as life insurance. It's up to you. If it has lapsed and has no cash value, then it is irrelevant.

What is valued policy?

It usually talks about the cash value or surrender value of a permanent policy. It could also reflect the death benefit of any policy.

Is the old man of the mountain quarter 2000 worth any value?

Any of the "State Quarters" (1999-2008) found in circulation are only face value.

How do you find out if a Cancer Policy from the Life and Casualty Insurance Company of Tennessee has any value?

I doubt that there's any cash value to the policy. Call the company and ask, or read the policy. The value is in the payments if G-d forbid you were to get cancer.

Cash value of paid in full 20 year juvenile industrial life insurance policy?

The cash value of any policy depends on its face value and the value of the policy at maturity when the policy has been maintained in force. The insurance company issuing the policy will be able to give you the answer you want.

How do you trace an old policy?

Hey its just need your policy number.. With your policy number you can trace any kind of policy .... so if you want information for your old policy get your insurance company and give them your policy number they will surly help you....

Are my children's musical instruments covered by our home owners policy?

This will vary from policy to policy but generally musical instruments are covered. You should check to see if there are any limits on an item's value or any specific clauses in your policy.

If you cash in a universal life policy do you receive the Net Policy Value or Net Cash Surrender Value?

Typically it is called "Net Cash Surrender Value". This is the amount of cash value in the policy accumulation account minus any outstanding loans etc. But it is typically referred to as "Net surrender Value" or "Net Cash Surrender Value". Get a good agent and he can explain.

Are benefits from a whole life insurance policy taxable?

As a general rule, life insurance proceeds from any type of policy are not taxable to the beneficiary. In addition, any loans from cash value are not taxable unless the policy lapses.

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