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Oligarchy run governments of the world?


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The Chinese Communist Party is run as a self-perpetuating oligarchy.

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China's government is a present day oligarchy. Many would argue that the United States is and Oligarchy because of the massive amounts of money needed to run in any election.

The types of governments were... -MONARCHY -ARISTOCRATS -OLIGARCHY -and DIRECT DEMOCRACY

Autocracy, Oligarchy and the Democracy

An oligarchy government is when a small group of people has control of the government and country. An example of countries with oligarchy governments are China and North Korea.

Ancient Greece had oligarchy governments between 100 BC and 500 BC

There is an oligarchy in the world.

An oligarchy is not run by one person. An oligarchy is a group of people leading a place

Monarchy, Oligarchy, Tyranny, Democracy.

Monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny, limited democracy, radical democracy, oligarchy, limited democracy,.

Monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, republicanism, anarchy, oligarchy, constitutional monarchy, totalitarianism, fascism, communism, and the list goes on.

No, it was an oligarchy.

According to the Wikipedia definition of oligarchy: "a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution." . . . Antarctica is governed by the Antarctic Treaty, signed by governments representing 80% of the earth's population. Then, is is not an oligarchy.

Monarchy, oligarchy, limited democracy, dictatorship

Ones that are ruled by a religion and the head of the government is the head of the religion.

There is no oligarchy in the modern world. This is the sentence that uses the word oligarchy.

it was run by a small elite

In the 1800s the states had governments such as Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Direct Democracy, & Representative Democracy. Take note that these were Greek and Roman governments.

I would say Hitler ran an Oligarchy since Germany was too large for him to rule by himself

The form of this goverment was declined because the citizens of an oligarchy had very little say how the was run so slowy they to disappear (a stable oligarchy ruled only on city Sparta)

It went through the normal sequence of governments of the independent Greek city-states - monarchy to oligarchy to tyranny to democracy to oligarchy to monarchy, over the centuries as times changed.

Based on what I know about the house of burgesses I would conclude that they were an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a government run by a few wealthy aristocrats. The Spartans of ancient Greece also used an oligarchy.

Perhaps you mean Illuminati? It is a secret society that is purported to run the world in the top levels of governments.

Oligarchy is run by a group. This group is usually made up of the wealthiest people. Many people don't have a say in anything.

There are several forms of non-democratic and totalitarian governments: dictatorship, oligarchy, theocracy, and most forms of monarchy.

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