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Q: On Blockland why do I see holes on a cube body and on other objects and how do I fix it?
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Why do sponges have holes?

sponges have holes in thier body because they can't breath if they have no holes in thier body.Because sponge do not have body organs or body parts.

Which animal other than cricket breaths through holes on its body?

i think a frog.

Do atoms move between your bodies and other objects?

Atoms from your body will not integrate or bond with other material, no.

How does a cricket breath through its holes in its body?

A cricket breathes through holes in its body, by letting in oxygen i the body

A very massive object A and a less massive object B move toward each other under the influence of gravitation Which force if either is greater?

If gravity is moving the objects toward each other, a massive body (i.e. the earth) will be in the way. If the objects are at the same ditance from this body, a greater force is exerted on object A.

How many general holes in a human body 9 or 10?

there are 10 general holes in a human body it may include penis has two holes!

What is the force by which a planet or other body tends to draw objects toward its center?


Body whose great size attracts other objects through gravity?

The sun

Where are kindeys?

They are bean-shaped objects that filter water,blood, and possibly other liquids in your body.

What are the benefits of body armor?

It offers protection to the wearer from projectiles and other sharp and blunt objects.

How many holes does a woman have in the lower part of the body?

three holes

How many holes do a girl have in her lower body?

A women has three holes in her lower body. the urinary opening, the vaginal opening, and the rectal opening.

Can only stars become black holes.... or can other planets and massive objects become them too?

No - so far there is no body that is or was not a star that has enough mass (at least 3x our Sun) to become a blackhole. A planet doesn't have the internal energy to build up the gravitational field, comets etc are just not big enough.

Where does the energy in your body go?

enegry does not go any where it always stays in your body.(remember when u have the enery it can pass on to other objects u touch).

Why do the capillaries have holes?

So it carries blood in the body. If it has no holes how is it going to carry the blood with oxygen, CO2 and nutrients to the cells in your body?

How do black holes effect the movement of celestial bodies?

Like any other gravitational body - they are not something special - just a star frozen in time. Think of them more as very weird stars and less holes.

What is levophobia?

An abnormal fear of objects to the left of the body. An abnormal fear of objects to the left of the body.

What are the effects of ear holes and nose holes on women body?

Nothing... Most of the ear holes and nose holes have jewellery in them. Nothing more nothing less.

Why do some objects float or sink relative to other objects?

If the weight of the fuild displaced becomes more than the weight of the body placed within a fluid then floating takes place.

How many holes do you have in your body?

Define holes? You have two ear holes, two eye holes, two nostrils, mouth, ureter and anus. And then women have another one.

What are the functions of the three holes in female body?

Which three holes are you asking about? A woman has a mouth for eating and drinking and other good things. She has a nose to breathe through. She has a rectum to do what we all do and she has a hole to urinate from and one to have fun with. Case closed.

A celestial body that orbits another body?

It will either be called a Binary star system, where two stars orbit each other, or a planetary system where non-stellar objects (non-star objects like planets, comets, asteroids, etc) orbit a star.

What is the function of somatosensory area?

responsible for processinq info relationq to touch, movement and the location of the body and other objects.. i think.

Why do blue whales have blow holes?

Blue whales do have blow holes because some of them are mans so the mans whales have the blow holes in their body

Why do Violins need F holes?

F-holes on a violin basically let the sound out. The sound from the vibrating string resonates within the body of the violin, amplifying it and giving the sound the unique sound of the violin. The sound waves bounce around inside the hollow body of the violin until some of it leaves the body through the f-holes. F-holes are used instead of round holes to give the violin that crisp, clean sound that they have.