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above the coffee shop.

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Where is yarr in the book room on club penguin?

on the book shelve

Where is paint by numbers on club penguin?

it is in the book room

Where is the art galley on club penguin?

In the Book room

What games are in the book room on club penguin?


Where is the book room in Club Penguin?

The Book Room is the top story of the Coffee Shop. Penguins can play Mancala here. It is one of the Oldest Rooms in Club Penguin.

In club penguin which room doesnt have music playing in the background?

the book room. :)

Where is the club penguin book room?

At the top of the coffe shop

Where is the white puffle pin on club penguin?

in the book room

How do you get in rockchopper's secret room on club penguin?

You read Rockhopper's journal from the book room.

How do you get a bracelet on Club Penguin?

If its the friendship bracelet its in the book room in the book ROCKHOPPER AND THE STOWAWAY.

In club penguin where is captian rock hoppers key?

it is in the book of rockhopper in the book room

Where Is The Gadget Room In Club Penguin?

There is no gadget room in Club penguin Currently.

What was before Club Penguin?

The things before Club Penguin would be the stuff before October 24 2005. If you want to look at before the present Club Penguin, go to the book room to read the yearbooks! Go to the Town, then the Coffee Shop then up the stairs to the Book Room.

How do you get into the room you pass on mission 3 on operation blackout on club penguin?

you cant unless you have a certain book or membership on cp. (club penguin)

Where can you get free items on club penguin?

In the book room in some of the story's and books.

Club Penguin how to get into a full room?

email club penguin

What room does not have a game in club penguin book room pet shop lodge attic or the beach?


Where is the library on Club Penguin?

The Library, also known as the Book Room, is in the Town-Coffie Shop- Upper floor is where the Book Room is.

What room has the penguin times in it on Club Penguin?

the boiler room

Where is the hidden room at the cove in Club Penguin?

There isn't a secret room at the cove in Club Penguin

Club Penguin how do you view the Club Penguin blue book?

you must get a club penguin book or go on to and search how do you get a book on club penguin. i have got a book if you sit down with the book you will be reading by the way the blue book is a clothing item

Where do you get a blue book in Club Penguin?

You get the code from any club penguin book.

Where is the key in club penguin?

Well you go to rockhoppers book in the coffe room upstairs

What is the latest pin on Club Penguin?

The latest pin, is the safari hat, in the book room!

Where are there lots of books on Club Penguin?

In the book room in the second floor of the coffee shop.

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