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Well I havn't played it for a while but if there are four kids, one is behind a bush near where you started, one is behind the gravestone that Tott (the guy with the rainbow on his shirt) dances in front of, one is behind the bomb shop (get there by walking around on the left side) and the leader/one with the hat is on top of this massive tree near the red post box, you get him off by rolling into the tree.

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okay i beat the game a long time ago... I'll try to remember where they all were. one was in the tree, you do a sumersault against the tree. another guy is behind the big bush where the pots r. and i don't know where the other people are. they can't go inside so look everywhere outside. once the come out of the hiding space. sumer sault towards them because its faster then running. once ur beside them they'll stop. try ur best! Okay now I remember the other places. One of them is behind the bomb shop and the other behind the gravestone where the weird guy is dancing.

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sneak around back of the bomb shop

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Q: On Legend of Zelda wind waker how do you find the kids and windfall?
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