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this happens if you have put the game card in a different DS than your own if if you have used a cheat code.

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Q: On Nintendogs it says you have walked your dog recently when you haven't?
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How do you get past the beginning of Nintendogs?

do what it says to do

How do you start over Nintendogs?

on the title screen of nintendogs hold L R A B Y X in till it says restart nintendogs or something like that press yes/this works for any nintendogs

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My GameCube says disk can not be read why?

cuz u havent taught it how to read

How do you control the controller?

no matter what any1 says i havent been able to get this done

Is there a cheat code you can use on Nintendogs to make your dogs age?

Hi I don't think so everyone says that they are permantly puppies but they can't be because I've got a baby on nintendogs(beagle,girl)

Who is bowser's father?

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In Nintendogs how can you get little puppies?

go to the kennel and buy a dog that says its a young dog. anyway, the dogs are always pups.

On nintendogs if you buy 2 dogs the same colour and call the male one duck and the female one panther then if you switch it off for one week can they have puppies?

nintendogs, as it says in the instructions booklet, are puppies already and will not grow up.

How do you delete files on Nintendogs?

press A.B.X.Y.L+R when the screen is white and says nintendo then it will ask you if you really want to delete it and press yes!

How do you get to the shop on Nintendogs?

Go on a walk with your oldest dog and go to either the top left or the bottom right.