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oval stone is for certain bird Pokemon

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Q: On Pokemon Diamond and Pearl why doesn't your happiny evolve with an oval stone?
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What Pokemon evolve using an egg stone in Pokemon diamond?


How does happiny evolve with the oval stone in Pokemon diamond?

let happiny hold the oval stone and train it one level and it will evolve

What Pokemon evolve from a oval stone Pokemon diamond?

With an oval stone, you can evolve Happiny into Chanssey.But, you need to make Happiny hold that stone and then level it up in order to evolve.

Pokemon Diamond What Pokemon evolve using an oval stone?

JUST Happiny can evolve from the oval stone.under ground digging

Oval stone in evolves what Pokemon?

It will evolve a happiny to a chansey (but if you do that on Pokemon diamond or pearl i don't think you can get another happiny so beware!).

What level does Pichu evolve in Pokemon platinum?

it doesnt evolve at a level. you evolve it with happiness.. like happiny, budew, togepi

What level does ledian evolve for Pokemon diamond?

it doesnt evolve

How do you evolve happiny in pokemon diamond?

With high friendship. Give it a soothe bell or something.

What does the oval stone evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

It evolves Happiny. When Happiny levels up during the daytime while holding the Oval Stone, it will evolve into Chansey.

What level does Blastoise evolve at in Pokemon Diamond?

blastoise doesnt evolve.

What Pokemon evolve using an oval stone in diamond?

Only Happiny, for all I'm sure of.

What does an oval stone do on Pokemon diamond?

The oval stone can evolve happiny into chansey, only if; happiny is holding it, and the time you are in while levelling happiny up is day time.

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