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Heatran, and more Fire-type pokemon along with some Steelixs.

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Where should you train your Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

Stark Mountain

Where to find fire Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

Stark mountain.

Where is stark mountain in Pokemon Yellow?

Stark Mountain does not exist in Pokemon Yellow. It is only found in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

What is the mountain near the survival area in pokemon diamond?

stark mountain

What do you do after you catch the legendary lava Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

Stark mountain

How do you excess Stark Mountain on Pokemon diamond?

you dont you dont

Where do you get heatran in stark mountain on Pokemon diamond?

at the top at the top

How to get heatran in Pokemon diamond?

you get him in stark mountain then try and catch him

What are the rares in Pokemon diamond?

there are the stark mountain and the mt coronet

In Pokemon Diamond in stark mountain can you evolve your pikachu into mew?

* * * * * *

Where can you find a Heatren in Pokemon Diamond?

yes in stark mountain

Where is the volcano in Pokemon diamond?

The volcano in Pokemon Diamond is called Stark Mountain. Stark Mountain is located at the end of route 227. This is were players can capture the legendary Heatran after unlocking the national Pokedex.

Where is stark mountain in Pokemon diamond?

go to the survival area, and explore!!!!

How do yo get a heatron in Pokemon diamond?

You go to Stark Mountain at the top.

Where do you find a Skarmory in Pokemon Diamond?

At Stark Mountain At The Battle Zone.

Where do you get the TM overheat in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You get overheat in stark mountain.

What are the mountains in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

i think it is called stark mountain and it is also in Pokemon platinum

What do you do after you go to stark mountain in diamond?

In Stark Mountain, a legendary pokemon named Heatran rests there. To get there though, you have to go through Stark Mountain's little maze, battle and catch pokemon, and battle trainers. Going to Stark Mountain is really worth the wait though, Heatran is an amazing Pokemon!

In Pokemon diamond where do you find the missing explorers in stark mountain?

This answer was bad and I deleted it.

Where do you find Torkoal on Pokemon diamond?

Route 227 and Stark Mountain with pokeradar

How do you get skamory on Pokemon diamond pearl?

at route 227 or at stark mountain (outside)

Where do you catch heatran in?

Well on Pokemon pearl or diamond you catch him in Stark mountain

Where do you find heateran in pokemon diamond?

It's in the top part of Stark Mountain.

Where to find 111 in the pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

Go to Stark mountain (outside).

Where is stark mountain in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is no stark mountain. stark mountain is only in DPP

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