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There are a few ways to go there. One is through the boat which you repair (one time two way) as well as by taking a boat to karamaja and walking down a "tunnel" where you meet (in order) skeleton, red spider, lesser demon, skeleton, and if you want elvarg you will find it there. I cant remember which direction it is but it is just after an area with monkeys and snakes if you walk from general store. The entrance is at the top of the crater.

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All you do is go the way you came, or if you have already competed the quest, throught the karajama volcano.

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Q: On RuneScape how do you get to Crandor?
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When does ned leave for crandor in runescape?

Once you have a complete map and the ship to be used is repaired fully, you can talk to him in Draynor to get him to sail you to Crandor.

Where can you find lesser demons in RuneScape?

Type your answer can find them in wilderness volcano or crandor

Were to find hobgobelins in RuneScape?

Crandor - Ice Cave ( The Hole South Of Port Sarim) - Karmaja Hole....

How do you get to cranador in RuneScape?

Crandor can only be accessed by boat after asking Ned to bring you to Crandor during the Dragon Slayer Quest. After the quest, use the underground tunnel which connects the Crandor and Karamja Dungeons. However, players must have found the secret door in the Crandor side of the dungeon during the Dragon Slayer Quest before they can use it on the Karamja side.

Can you fix your ship after you wreck it in Crandor on runescape?

i don't think so. you need to go through the karamjan volcano

Who takes you to crandor on the quest dragon slayer in runescape?

talk to the rope seller in draynor village I believe his name is Ned he will be wearing blue

Can you go to crandor after completing dragon slayer?

Actually, you can. By going on the ship at port Sarim that is heading for Karamja (30 coins needed), you may enter the volcano and pass the secret entrance. Climb up the rope and you will see yourself in Crandor once again! For help in the Dragonslayer Quest:

How do you get to Crandor Isle on RuneScape?

You can use a camelot teleport and walk south-east and you will arrive in Catherby. This is the fastest way I know of.

On runescape How do you open the wall in karamja volcano?

You need to have completed the quest: Dragon Slayer, from this quest you will gain access to the wall, the wall leads to the volcano where you fought Elvarg, from there you can go up a rope to the island of Crandor.

How do you get to crandor in RuneScape?

well first you have tostart the quest dragon slayer so be a decent level if you want to fight a dragon in the quest you have to rebuild a boat which takes you to crandor but is destroyed on the shore. theres also another way to get to it im not sure if it counts before you crash the boat but just take a ferry ride to karajama from port sarim once on the island go into the volcanoe found at the end of the island. when inside it has a direct link to crandor so if you keep going right past the lesser demons you will see the dragon. remember bring your anti dragon breath shield lots of food prefer swordfish for me and some str potions also using prayer can also be useful. hope this helps

Are there dragons in free to play RuneScape?

Most dragons are for paying members. The only dragon is the one for the quest Dragon Slayer. In the quest 'Dragon slayer' you have to kill a dragon named elvarg and after you have completed this quest your a ble to go back to crandor and battle elvarg as many times as you wish

Runescape get to crandor island without d slayer?

I think that it is possible to reach Crandor island via a route that requires you to go under the volcano in Karamja. This route is much more dangerous than the normal route, as there are lesser demons that walk around the area. I am not sure whether this route can be accessed without completing Dragon Slayer. However, you can still try. If you are a low level then for your first time attempting the route, I recommend you leave all but 3 items in your bank so you do not lose anything in case you die.