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Q: On The Simpsons what color is Lisa's hair?
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What color is Jessica Simpsons hair?

It is blonde.

What color is Cody Simpsons hair?

Cody Simpson has blonde hair. Hope I helped(:

What color are mona lisas eyes?

The are either hazel or brown.Somewhere close to that.

What is the name of the episode of the simpsons where there is lisas day Barts day and homers day?

Season 12 Episode 8 Trilogy of error

What is Marge simpsons hair color?

Nobody Knows the true hair colour because in a episode, Homer reveals that marge dyes her hair. Oh Yes. xD

What is the color of Mona Lisas eyes?

The Mona Lisa has BLACK eyes. :) :(........I think. My best guess.

How does Marge make her hair straight off the simpsons?

Marge's hair gets straight on the Simpsons when it gets wet.

What color are the Simpsons?

Are you color blind? They're yellow.

What is Susan favorite color?

The Simpsons

Who has the bone in his hair on The Simpsons?

Sideshow Mel

When will Lisa play the main theme of The Simpsons in the opening credit of the newer Simpsons?

I prefer the Main Theme of The Simpsons because all those other tunes aren't The Simpsons and are not great but the Main Theme is way better then any other of the themes, so please if theres any 2013-14-15-16-17-18-19-20 episodes return to the Main Theme of the simpsons on Lisas Saxaphone!

Why are The Simpsons yellow?

See the Provided Link but David Silverman explains that since the family (sans Marge) have no hairlines, the color stylist at the time used the color yellow as their hair & skin color.-Also, Matt Groening once said, if you're flipping through the channels you could instantly recognize The Simpsons.

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