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They were never going out when he left but when he was there are Zoey was at PCA they went out for like 1 day.

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On Zoey 101 are Zoey and Chase dating?

yes on the last episode they begin datingbut are they still dating

What happened to chase in zoey 101?

When Zoey went to England, Chase transferred to England but Zoey ended up going back to PCA with Chase still thinking that Zoey was there!

Is zoey and chase dating in zoey 101?


What is the episode in zoey 101 where chase goes to England?

Zoey 101: Goodbye Zoey (Chase goes to England in part 3)

In zoey 101 does chase and zoey go to pca and get back together?

In Zoey 101 no Chase doesn't go back to PCA he has to stay but him and Zoey start going out over a webcam but they break up. but in chaseing zoey, chase comes back to pca for zoey, and they start dating

Why does Zoey break up with James in Zoey 101?

because she still loves chase

In zoey 101 are zoey and chase together?

they decide together on trading places. but decide to wait till chase returns from England so they can really be together.

What will happen in the show 'chasing zoey' on zoey 101?

Zoeys boyfriend in Zoey 101, Well he gives a heart necklace to zoey and he moves so chase comes back but zoey has a job at the chembrulae in Hawaii and she can pick a friend to go with her and she pickes chase and they become dating!

Do you thing logen from zoey 101 and zoey going to dae on the show?

NO.... Chase and Zoey ment to be, Quinn and Logan go out on the show. i totaly agree chase and zoey where ment for each other if logen dated zoey it would probaly be like scoby dating shaggy on scooby doo , its not ment to be.

What happeneds in the new zoey101 episodes?

she leaves pca and then she hears chase overtalking about her saying ihave a crush on zoey . zoey hears it and then she comes back to pca.but chase begs his parents if he can go to England and they say'yes' so he goes.zoey talks with chase on her laptop and said why did you leave pca then chase said that i wanted to talk with you . zoey says that i know what your gonna say then chase sais what zoey repeats that you love meTHE END

Who is Chase from Zoey 101?

Sean Flynn is Chase from Zoey 101.

Does chase die in zoey 101?

No, Chase does not die in Zoey 101!

Is zoey from zoey 101 coming back to pca?

Zoey WILL come back to see chase because he said he's in love with her but because chase said that he went to England for a symester to see zoey and they won't be together until the end of the new series. I hope this helped :)

In Zoey 101 who does Zoey choose?


What happens after zoey finds out chase loves her?

Zoey comes back and stays with Chase.

Is chasing zoey the last episode?

Yes it is because like the whole show is based on if zoey and chase are meant for each other, chasing zoey is going to answer that question.Actually no its not... the whole cast just signed for the fourth season. Besides I'd like to see wat happens between them!Chasing Zoey is the last episode. Chasing Zoey ends the 4th season. the fourth season started off when Zoey came back to PCA from England, and Chase went to England cuz he thought that he would be with Zoey.NO it isn't ive seen one after it where zoey, chase, and quin, answer question from the new people coming to pca.

Do zoey and chase kiss on chasing zoey?


Who did Victoria Justice like on zoey 101?

she like chase because the episode she liked chase but chase did not like her because chase likes zoey

Zoey in the movie did you like chase?

Well, Zoey, who's played by Jamie Lynn Spears, in REAL life does not like Chase. But in the movie, well, kinda. Chase is in love with Zoey and maybe Zoey is in love back! Who knows?

Who will Zoey end up with in Chasing Zoey?

Zoey ended up with Chase in the episode of "Chasing Zoey."

Did zoey chose chase on the last episode?

Yes. She dumped James but still kept with friends.

Do chase and zoey get together in zoey 101?

They do in the movie Chasing Zoey after Zoey breaks up with James. She decides not to go to the PCA prom because she doesn't have anyone to go with. Chase calls her and she surprises her because Zoey thinks he is in England but he is actually right behind her. Then Chase falls and Zoey goes to see if he is ok. She sees that his arm is bleeding. He tells her that it doesn't hurt anyway because he lost feeling in that arm anyway. She pinches his arm and asks him if he feels that and he says "Kinda...". Then she asks him "How about this?" and she kisses him.

Who is Avan Jogia dating?

He's currently dating Zoey Deutch.Zoey DeutchYes, his girlfriend is Zoey Deutch.Avan Jogia's girlfriend is Zoey Deutch.

Did Chase die in Zoey 101?


What is Chase name from Zoey 101?

chase mathew-sean flynn