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On a 1993 Ford Taurus power steering line which is the return line?


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the larger line OR the line that has hose clamps on it or squeeze type clamps.the HIGH Pressure hose has CRIMPED Fittings.& B careful not 2 BREAK the PLASTIC power steering resivoir.


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On the right side of the steering wheel.

How do you troubleshoot a power steering leak on a 1993 Lexus ES300?"

Power steering fluid is added to the power steering reservoir on a 1993 Mercedes Benz 400 SEL. It is near the steering column in the engine compartment.

The power steering pressure switch, on a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker, is located below the power steering pump. The pressure switch is attached to the power steering reservoir mounting bracket.

Remove the belt from your 1993 Chevrolet S 10 Blazer power steering pump. Remove the power steering pump hose. Remove the power steering pump retaining bolts.

The power steering pump. Autozone will probably do it for you if you ask.

At the power steering reservoir, the same place you check the level.

How do you replace power steering pressure hose on a 1993 geo prizm

plain old power steering fluid is the recommended type

The 1993 Chevrolet Astro Van power steering reservoir can be found on the back side of the engine. The power steering reservoir will be between the engine and the firewall.

In replacing the power steering pump on a 1993 Toyota Camry wagon with V6 engine, make sure to replace the steering pressure hose and clamp also. The leaks on both the hose and the clamp are the cause of the broken power steering pump.

In the fuse box under dash, left side of steering column

If it is an "S' model it does not have a power steering pump. You can tell by basically having to use a lot of force to love the steering wheel when at a standstill left or right. Si models did come with A/C and power steering.

where do i put the power stearing fluid ina 1993 acclaim

The reservoir is build into a power pump, twist off the cap.

You can bypass the power steering pump pulley in your 1993 Buick regal 3.8 liter engine. Measure the distance around the other pulleys, without the power steering pump pulley. Take the measurement to your local auto-parts stores and ask for a belt of that measurement.

I own a 1993 Ford Taurus GL 4 door sedan 3.8 v6 and it has a serpentine belt, that connects pullies for the crankshaft, the air conditioning clutch, the power steering, the alternator, and the water pump! I just replaced my water pump so I know this to be fact. If there is a timing chain it is behind the water pump housing and not visible without removing the water pump housing cover!

Whatever is spelled out in your owner's manual.


I checked Chilton's and Haynes manuals and they both say to use Type F Automatic transmission fluid for the power steering.

Directly above the Alternator. Its on the passenger side. The power steering pump is attached to the top left belt. Not to hard to get to if you need to.

The 1989 Taurus has larger headlights separate from the turn signal(corner lamp) The 1993 Taurus has more slender headlights joined to the corner lamp.

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