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9.8 newtons, down

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Q: On earths surface how much force does the pull of gravity have on 1 kilogram of mass?
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What is the force on the Moon's surface compared to the force of gravity on earths surface?

The moon's gravity is about 1/6th of the earth's.

What is the force of gravity when the mass is 5?

The force of gravity is not in kilogram; the kilogram is a unit of mass, not a unit of force.The force of gravity is equal to mass x gravity (the gravitational field); near Earth's surface, this gravitational field is approximately 9.8 newton per kilogram.

What is the force of a 1kg rock that is free flaiing due to earths gravity?

Whether an object falls or not, the force of gravity will be 9.8 newton for every kilogram.

Which fundamental force of nature is responsible for keeping you on earths surface?


How much gravitational force does the earth have?

On or near Earth's surface, the force of gravity on any mass is 9.8 newtons per kilogram. The force of gravity that any mass on or near the surface exerts on the Earth is also 9.8 newtons per kilogram.

What is the force of gravity at surface of the moon?

1.63 newtons per kilogram. That compares with 9.81 at the Earth's surface.

What force holds the atmosphere to earths surface as it travels through space?


What is mars gravity force earths gravity equals 1?

No, Its gravity is much lower due to a lower overall mass of the planet. Mars' gravity is about 37.6% of the Earths.

What is the surface gravity on earth?

The force of gravity on the earth is 9.8 m/s^2

Why is gravity strongest at Earth's surface?

Gravity is strongest at the earths surface because it's atmosphere is v dense and so the force inc.this happens because force is directly proportional to density.

What is mercurys force of gravity?

The gravitational field is NOT measured in newtons - the newton is a unit of force. Valid units are newtons / kilogram, or the equivalent meters / second2. At its surface, Mercury's gravitational field is 3.7 meters/second2, which is the same as 3.7 newtons/kilogram.

What is the mass of an object on the earth's surface if the force of gravity acting on it is 30.2N?

30.2 / 9.80665 = 3.08 kilogram