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Q: On silent hill origins what are the rooms ammo at the hotel?
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Silent Hill Homecomming Unlimited ammo code PS3?

There are not cheat codes for this game except the Young alex costume.

On Resident Evil how do you get more amo?

In order to get more ammo for your weapons, you need to find the ammo for that weapon. Really try to look around your surroundings for any possible ammunition. Mostly try to look in the rooms that look a bit suspicious to you.

What does the numbers on ammo mean?

With civiian ammo, it is the caliber. Military ammo- year made, and where

What is upgraded ammo in black op zombies?

If you are referring to upgraded ammo, as in when you see upgraded Ammo on the walls, then. Upgraged Ammo is simply ammo for a Pack-A-Puched Weapon. For example, the MP40 has ammo that cost 500 points, when Pack-A-Punched, it will cost 4500 points to replenish the ammo.

How much ammo does a uzi ammo clip have?

I think there are 200 bullets in a uzi ammo clip

How do you buy ammo in Ohio?

go to an ammo shop

Is 204 ammo smaller than 22 ammo?


Variables in game maker are used for?

Whatever you want, for example: Create: { ammo = 100; } Spacebar: if ammo > 0 { instance_create(x,y,bullet); ammo = (ammo - 1); } Collision with object ammopack: { ammo = (ammo + 10); instance_destroy(other) } ect

What is an antipolo type toilet?

antipolo type of toilet is adak ammo. antipolo type of toilet is adak ammo. antipolo type of toilet is adak ammo. antipolo type of toilet is adak ammo. antipolo type of toilet is adak ammo. antipolo type of toilet is adak ammo. antipolo type of toilet is adak ammo. antipolo type of toilet is adak ammo. antipolo type of toilet is adak ammo.

How do you get unlimited ammo in Black Ops Zombies?


Is the government taking our ammo from us?

No, the United States government is not taking ammo from the citizens. Ammo can be bought as long as the person is 18 or older at any retailer that has ammo.

Is there a difference between revolver ammo and automatic ammo?

yes................revolver ammo has a rim. Semi-auto cartridges do not.

What is surplus ammo?

Surplus ammo is ammo that was manufactured for a military, but was eventually not needed, and so sold to the private sector.

What is the best ammo for a glock 17?

Federal premium ammo

What ammo does the 490 topper Jr take?

.410 ammo

What is adak ammo?

Ammo associated with ADAK island in AK

Ammo is an abbreviation for ammonia?

No, ammo is typically an abbreviation for ammunition.

What is catapult ammo?

catapult ammo can be anything from cows, to boulders.

How do you have unlimited ammo in black ops zombies?

You do not get unlimited ammo

How do you spell ammo?

That is the correct spelling of "ammo," which is short for "ammunition."

When was Ammo - musician - born?

Ammo - musician - was born in 1988.

When was Live Ammo created?

Live Ammo was created in 2011.

What are the different classes of ammunition?

It depends on what you mean, but very generally speaking, there is handgun ammo, rifle ammo, and artillery ammo.

Black on ammo or red on ammo what are all the colors and what do they mean when used in reference to supply levels?

When a soldier is Green on ammo, it means he got ammo in the mag and he's ready to go. when he's red, he's mag is out of ammo and he's changing mag. when he's black on ammo, he's out of magazine and does not have any more ammo at all. hope it hleps

Is 30 cal luger ammo the same as 7.65 ammo?

Yes it is