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On the Movie National Treasure 2 they stated there are three statues of Liberty where was the second one in the movie first was NY third was France?


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The first Statue of Liberty is the statue of liberty. The second statue of liberty is in Paris known as the isle tower. And the third one is one in the luxemburg garden. I don't know what its called/ It is reserved land in Afghanistan,


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I also watched National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets, and there are many statues of Liberty in the world, but three main ones. One in New York City (Liberty Island), one in Paris (France), and one in the Luxembourg gardens.

they are located in new york and Paris and France

There are hundreds of replicas of the Statue of Liberty. See the related link for more information.

There is possibly more than three: New York, U.S.; Paris, France; Jardin du Luxembourg, France; Michigan, U.S. and then there are some in Las Vegas, Alabama, the legoland one in California (which probably won't count), Norway, Tokyo Bay.. but there are many more.

There are many replicas all over the world but most of the replicas are in France

yes because when america help France in a war France made 2 statues of liberty and put one in France and one in america to show the link to the countries.

The Statue of Liberty was given to the US in 1886 as a gift from France.

There are only two official Statues of Liberty in the world. One is located in New York, US and the other in Paris, France.

Edward Laboule is the man who refers to the Statue of Liberty in France as his Lady. That may be so in the movie, "National Treasure: Book of Secrets", but the real designer of the Statue of Liberty is Brother Frederic A. Bartholdi. Though it is true that he was a member of the Masons.

Statues in France do not generally hold their heads.

Marianne is a national emblem of France and an allegory of Liberty and Reason

there are tons of replicas around the world but there are three main statues one in New York city , California , and in France .

Yes, there is one in Paris, France that is smaller and black. It honors the slaves that were enslaved in the New World.

There are 3 Statues and France has the original two. The two in France are not replicas of the one in New York. They are the originals. They are however life size and not very comparable in size to the one in New York. The Statue of Liberty in New York was a gift from France and the purpose of its size and location was to be a beacon to those searching for freedom.There is one in New York, as we all know and there is 2 others in France. The two that are located in France are small replicas of the big one in New YorkAnswerThere are two in New York Lunexbourg Gardens and New York Harborthe last one is located in Paris, France I saw it in the movie national book of TreasureActually the statue of Liberty is in New Jersey, if you look at the map it is in the Hudson river on the New Jersey side not New York.

The French Statue of Liberty is on the river Seine in Paris, France. There are two in Paris. One in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Another, larger, one is near the Grenelle Bridge on the Ile des Cygnes. There are also statues in Bordeaux, Barentin, Colmar, and Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer.

France gave the statue of liberty France gave the statue of liberty

I believe that the statue of liberty was a gift from France. so France is the answer.

Yes, the statue of liberty is a gift from France.

They gave us a Statue of Liberty, we gave them Liberty in fact, twice.

Yes, there are three actually. One is in New York. One is on River Seine, in Fance. The last in in Luxemburg Gardens, also in France.

The Statue of Liberty was donated to us by France in recognition of our Friendship.

They didnt France gave America the statue of Liberty.

The statue of liberty stand for liberty and Justice. it was a gift to America from France

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