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Q: On the Pokemon Game for Wii can you play 2 player if neither of you have a DS and how?
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Is there a Pokemon game that you play as a wild Pokemon?

As of now, there is no game in the Pokemon Franchanise that allows the trainer to play as a wild Pokemon.

Is there a Pokemon game like Pokemon platinum that you play on the computer?

No, there is no Pokemon game designed for you to play on the computer. Pokemon is strictly for use with Nintendo consoles and devices. However, there is an online Pokemon game called 'Pokemon Indigo' where you can play just like a Pokemon game, except online.

How do you play the game Pokemon volcano?

You play it.

How can you play Pokemon Emerald online?

you cannot play Pokemon emerald online but if you wanna play a Pokemon online game, go to Pokemon online and you will see its a great game

Where is the Pokemon Ranger in Pokemon Pearl?

Play game to find out!

What is Pokemon diamond's game ID?

HAHAHHHA , you play pokemon.

Can you play Pokemon Colosseum on a PS2?

No Pokemon is not a PS2 game

Are there Portable DVD players that are compatible with the PS3?

No the PS3 does not record DVDs and neither can a DVD player. What could be compatible, the game discs do not play on a DVD player, whether portable or not

Where can you get PokΓ©mons?

To get a Pokemon which is fictional beings in the game series with the smae name you msut first get a Pokemon game and be able to play it then you just play the game and you will get one.

How do you get entie in pokemon leafgreen?

play the game.

Can you play Pokemon LeafGreen now?

if you have the game

How do you play Pokemon pearl?

like any other Pokemon game

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