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The answer is: noble gases

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What does it mean when elements are on the right of the periodic table of elements?

Elements on the very right column of the periodic table are called the noble gases. These gases are not very reactive.

What is the placement of the noble gases and why?

The last column of the periodic table of elements

What are stable elements on the periodic table?

The noble gases in the far right column.

Inert elements occupy what column on the periodic table?

the far right column (family) called the noble gases

What is a Column in science?

This is probably a reference to the periodic table of the elements, which has columns. All the elements in a given column have the same configuration of valance electrons. There is a column of noble gases, a column of halogens, etc.

What do the elements in column 18 of the periodic table have in common?

All of the elements in column 18 of the periodic table are noble gases. This means their outer electron shells are completely full and in most cases are inert.

Why are certain elements grouped together?

The elements of the periodic table are grouped and organized together based on similar characteristics. These include their atomic number, chemical families (halides, noble gases, metals, gases, transition elements) and nuclear sizes, among other factors.

What family on the periodic table contains elements that are mostly nonreactive?

Column 18, or in older tables, column VIII, the noble gases.

What is the name of the group of elements located on the right column of the periodic table?

Referring to the wikipedia page for the periodic table, 'noble gases'.

What family of elements was originally left out of the periodic table?

The noble gases, column 18 in the most common modern periodic table.

What group of elements in the periodic table is made up of elements that are gases at room temperature?

The elements in column 18 of a wide form periodic table or Column VIII of a narrow form periodic table, commonly called the noble gases. Also, both elements in the first period, the elements in groups 15, 16, and 17 of the second period, and the element in group 17 of the third period.

Where are the noble gases located on the periodic table and what does their position reveal about their reactivity?

the noble gases are positioned on the last column on the right. As the elements descend down the column they are more reactive

Generally inert elements occupy column of the periodic table?

The noble gases, in group 18 (the far right column), are mostly inert.

What is the periodic table used for?

To find the information on certain elements!!Periodic table lists elements in the increasing order of atomic number.Since elements are grouped in to columns (eg:inert gases), it is easier to predict the chemical behaviour of various elements.

What elements are most resistant to forming compounds?

The noble gases, wide form periodic table column 18.

Are the elements on the right side of the periodic table active or inactive gases?

On the farthest right column of the Periodic Table are the Noble Gasses, which are usually nonreactive.

What are elements in the same vertical column of the periodic table called?

A vertical column of elements in the periodic table is called a group or family. Elements in a family share chemical properties. Some families, such as the halogens and noble gases, have specific names. They are also known as groups.

Which side of the periodic table contains noble gases?

right side, last group (or last column). Noble gases are group 18 elements.

What are the names of the elements in the first column on the periodic table of elements also the Second column the Second to last and the Last column?

First column: Alkali metalsSecond column: Alkali Earth metalsSecond to last: HalogensLast: Noble Gases

Which column are the stable elements in?

For example the fist and second column of the periodic table contain stable elements (excepting the last members and some isotopes).

What column in the periodic table is noble gases?

The column furthest to the right.

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