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On what date did Americans liberate Paris?


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May 26, 2007 7:03PM

The Allies liberted Paris, that is, the British, The American and the French. The first penetration of Parish was made by the French forces under the command of Captain Raymond Dronne just before midnight on August 24, 1944. The next day, August 25, 1944 is considered liberation day when the allied forces marched through Paris To make it clear that Paris had been liberated through the strength of Allied arms, Eisenhower planned to march the 28th Infantry Division through Paris to the front. On August 29, the division made its way through the city. Eisenhower American), Bradley (American), Gerow (French), de Gaulle (French), Koenig (French) and Leclerc (French)the parade from an improvised platform, an upside-down Bailey bridge. Eisenhower had invited Montgomery (British) to attend, but the British general said he was too busy to come.