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how many moons does Venus have?

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What is unusual about the sun compared to other stars?

Because it has planets orbiting it (such as Earth, Jupiter and Mars)

Which planets have unusual orbits?

In the Solar System, the order of planets by the eccentricity of their orbits is as follows: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Earth, Neptune, Venus. Before Pluto's re-classification as a dwarf planet, it held the most eccentric orbit among the planets in the Solar System.

Does mercury have an unusual orbit?

all the planets have the same orbit just different orbit rings

Is there anything unusual about mercury the planet?

not at all mercury is a planet and its not unusual as you think

What is an unusual charesteristic of Jupiter saternneptune and uranes?

Compared to the four inner planets, these planets:* Are quite large* Are quite massive* Consist mainly of gas* Don't have a surface where you might stand on* Have a low density

What planet has the most unusual orbit?

I think that's Mercury. Mercury's orbit is the least circular of all the planets. Also its orbit is the most tilted away from the average orbital plane of the planets.

Does Jupiter have an unusual orbit around the sun?


What are some unusual features of jupiter?


Is Uranuses orbit unusual?

No, Uranuses orbit is not unusual because all the planets orbit, so there for it is not unusual

Why is Mercury I charge unusual?

Mercury (I) is unusual because it forms a dimer Hg2++ instead of simply being isolated Hg+ ions.

What do you think is the most unusual thing about Jupiter?

it has a storm

What is mecury?

The word "Mercury" refers to a metallic element which is a silvery liquid at room temperature. Because of this unusual property it was called "quicksilver". Mercury is also the Roman name given to the Greek God "Hermes", the quick messenger of Zeus/Jupiter.

What is unusual about Mercury?

If you mean the metal mercury, it is unusual because it is liquid at room temperature, whereas other metals are solid.

What is unusual about Jupiter?

it has a storm that been going on for 300 years

What is unusual about the metal mercury?

its formed as a liquid

What is unusual about the planet mercury?

because there are aliens on the planet mercury that are mutated due to the large amounts of the metal mercury.

Is Jupiter orbit unusual?

no its not unusual==================Answer #2:Well, if you want to look at it that way, it's the only orbit in the entire solar systemin which a planet like Jupiter is found. In that sense, it's perfectly unique.

What is unusual about the temperature of Venus compared to mercury?

the heat

What is unusual about mercury the metal?

it is a liquid at room temperature

Why is mercury unusual?

The only metal that is liquid at room temperature

How does Uranus compare to other planets?

Uranus, almost four times the diameter of Earth, is the third largest in our solar system after Jupiter and Saturn, but is slightly less dense and less massive than its near-twin Neptune. Uranus is unusual in that it rotates on its side - the axis about 97 degrees to the orbital plane. It is called an ice giant (or sometimes, gas giant) being mostly gas, unlike the inner or rocky planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

What are the nine planet's nicknames?

mercury: moonlike planet Venus : Earth's nearest neighbor mars: the red planet Jupiter: the king of the planet uranus: unusual planet Neptune : Nomadic planet Pluto : Pigmy planet

Does Mercury have any unique characteristics like the Greenhouse effect or something that makes the it unique or unusual or different from the others?

The orbit of Mercury has the highest eccentricity of all the Solar System planets, and it has the smallest axial tilt. Other than that, it is an unremarkable small and dense world with almost no atmosphere.

What makes Mercury different than all other metals?

Mercury is a metal but its unusual: at room temperature it is liquid

Does mercury have any unusual land forms?

yes craters and moutins