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Q: On what scale does ice melt at 0 degrees?
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What temperature scale places the melting point of ice at 0 degrees?

In Celsius, ice will freeze below and melt above 0 degrees.

On what scale does ice melt at 0?

If you mean 0°Celsius, that equates to +32°F, and yes, ice could melt, albeit slowly.

How long does it takes ice to melt?

Ice (from pure water that is) will melt when the temperature rises from 0 degrees Celsius or higher. The only temperature ice will stay ice is 0 degrees Celsius or lower.

What is temp of ice?

Ice has a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, or less. Above zero degrees, it will melt.

Ice will begin to melt when?

Ice will melt when the surrounding temperature is above 0.C (Zero Degrees Celsius)

What temperature do ice cubes melt?

0 degrees Celsius

At which temperture does ice begin to melt?

Ice melts at above 32 degrees F (0 degrees C).

At what point does ice melt?

Ice starts melting after 0 degrees Celsius.

Why can you assume the initial temperature of ice is 0 degrees Celsius?

Water freezes into ice at 0 degrees Celsius. Anything above that it will melt. Therefore ice must be 0 or below

When was ice melt made?

If you are trying to ask when ice melts?, it melts at 0 degrees Celsius

What temperature do ice cubes melt at?

O degrees Celsius or less ;)

Does ice melt at -5 degrees?

no it melts at 0 degrees Celsius or higher.