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The American Silver Eagle is a coin worth one dollar. It is an official bullion coin, meaning it is stored for its value and not traded in regular commerce. The coin is 99.9% silver, with an image of Walking Liberty on one face and the titular eagle on the other.

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Q: On which coin is the American Silver Eagle?
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1999 silver American eagle littleton coin value?

The value of an uncirculated 1999 Silver American Eagle Littleton coin fluctuates based on the market for silver. However, a coin can be expected to have a value of about $40.

What is the Value of 1990 American silver eagle coin?

The coin is $18.00 as of today

Value of 1986 silver eagle silver coin?

A 1986 American Silver Eagle one ounce silver coin in uncirculated condition is worth about $20, if 1986S Proof, worth about $40.

What different American Eagle coins are there?

Some American Eagle coins include Uncirculated Silver Eagle, Proof Silver Eagle and American Eagle Bullion coins. You can purchase these coins online from the Golden Eagle Coin website or from eBay.

How much ia a 1991 silver dollar worth?

As of today the value is about $17.00 it's a bullion coin and the value is just for the silver. FYI it's called a Silver Eagle or American Silver Eagle coin

How do you determine where 1879 american eagle silver dollar was minted?

Sorry this isn't a American silver eagle. This is a Morgan silver dollar. The mintmark is located above the DO in DOLLAR on the back of the coin.

How much is a 1 oz American eagle silver coin worth?


What is the 1999 Silver American Eagle coin worth?

Value is $16.85 as of today

What is the value of a 1992 American eagle silver dollar coin?

Value is about $18.00

How much is a 1816 American eagle silver bullion worth?

Sorry the coin does not exist. The American Silver Eagle Bullion coins were first struck in 1986. Look at the coin again and post new question.

How much is a 2008 American Eagle silver proof coin worth?

Current retail is $18.00 for this coin

What is the value of a silver American eagle 2000 silver dollar?

Today it is worth around $20-$25 for a bullion Silver Eagle coin. This price can vary widely, however, based on numerous factors such as coin grade, condition, whether it is a proof coin, etc. provides some valuation information on American Silver Eagle Coins.

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