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On windows solitaire standard scoring whats the highest possible score?

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2011-09-13 12:45:36

"Max_Points" id="Max_Points">Max Points

You get five points for moving a card to the stacks on the bottom

(including turning a card over) and 10 points for moving a card to

the ace stacks. So that's 52 x 5 + 52 x 10 = 780. The bonus is

calculated using the formula 700 000 / number of seconds. The

number of seconds has to be over 30 or no bonus is awarded.

Therefore 700 000 / 30 + 780 = 24113. This is the highest possible

score you can achieve.


correction: when you start out, there are 7 cards already

turned, so you cannot get the 5 points for turning them, so the 780

must be reduced by 35, for a max of 745.

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