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You could have a short from the controlls to the fan

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Q: On your 1994 Pontiac Bonneville the heater comes on for a second then off what could be the problem?
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Where is the fuel pump relay on 1995 Pontiac Bonneville?

under the hood on the front right side you have 4 relays the second from left to right

How do you know if the if a fuel pump relay works 1995 Pontiac Bonneville?

You will hear the fuel pump prime for about a second when when you turn the ignition key to the "on" position. It's a low buzzing sound.

When was the second powerhouse built for the Bonneville dam?

i think either 1982 or 1974

Which relay is the fuel pump relay on a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville?

It's under the steering column to the left. It's the second relay from the top, of a group of four relays. in the g. m. book it's called item #57

1992 explorer heater blower high speed only?

The most common cause of the heater blower being on high only is the blower resister failing. The second most common problem is the blower switch going bad.

Where is second fusebox on a 1995 Pontiac transport?

Under dash

Second time on replacing your 1995 Sunfire heater coil Anyone have this problem or know of a recall for this problem?

Heater coil? Or do you mean the heater core? If it's the core, the problem might be due to rust in the cooling system. This is usually because someone just filled or topped off the system with plain water instead of a 50/50 mix of water/antifreeze. I'd have the whole cooling system flushed before replacing another heater core, and make sure the proper mix of water/antifreeze is used to refill the system.

Does the 1997 Montana extended van have a second hearer core?

It does if it has a rear heater. It will be back near where the heater outlets are.

What is the second number in a subtraction problem?

The second number in a subtraction problem is called the subtrahend.

Where is the heater fan located on a 1979 Pontiac Firebird?

Under the dash of passenger side unbolts from bottom of ducting. (squirrel cage fan) No, wrong answer, the heater fan motor on all second generation f-body cars (1970-1981 camaro, firebird, trans am) is found in the right side fender, with a/c or not.

2000 silverado 4.8L No heat thermostat replacement?

Try the thermostat, second see if the heater core is plugged up if that's not the problem see if the engine is even running hot enough

Why would your AC blow hot air?

The most common problem is low refrigerant levels. Have it checked by an AC specialist. The second most common problem is a stuck heater valve. The most common problem is low refrigerant levels. Have it checked by an AC specialist. The second most common problem is a stuck heater valve. But there can be other problems as well. AC blows warm air when: ac low on charge, possibley due to leak, ac clutch not engaging, faulty ac switch or pressure switch, ac belt broken, doors not opening or closing.

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