Checkups and Tests During Pregnancy

Once you miscarry and get pregnant again should you see your doctor a lot sooner to make sure everything is ok?

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2007-09-18 03:07:05

If you mean a very early miscarriage with no known cause, then

going to the doctor sooner will only be a help for your own piece

of mind when the pregnancy is far enough along for the baby's

heartbeat to be heard. There's usually nothing that can be done. If

the miscarriage was from a known cause such as an autoimmune

disease or other factors, seeing a doctor early would be important.

In either case,if seeing your doctor makes you less worried, then

that would be a good thing.

It is an anxious time when pregnant after a miscarriage, but

remember that most women do miscarry at some time as it is very

common. Even if you start bleeding again, it can settle and things

continue as normal even if you have a history of miscarriage

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