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One million memory location is?

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See: Memory Management

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One million memory locations?


What is the name of the instructions to move data from one location in memory to another location in memory?

hey if its in the context of strings we can use string manipulation functions like strcpy(). in microprocessors we use rep movsb to move data from one memory location to other.

What represents approximately one billion memory location?


A gigabyte represents how many memory locations?

one million

What are MB and KB?

The B comes from Byte, a unit for computer memory. K is for kilo = meaning a thousand of whatever it is. M is for mega, a million of whatever it is.KB = one thousand memory units, MB = one million memory units

WHAT is meant by 1 MB of memory?

One million bytes of memory (1048576) to be exact. Each byte equals one character.

A gigabyte represents approximately how much memory location?

one billion

Difference between register and memory location?

difference between register and memory location

What represents approximately one million memory locations?

a megabyte (MB)

What is the name that represents a storage location in memory?

RAM is a name that represents a storage location in memory.

Which virtual memory attribute is the only one a technician should change?


What is the name of the storage location in the computer's memory?

Depending on the architecture of the computer one addressable memory location might be called a word, a character, a parcel, a decimal digit, a byte, etc.

Which represents approximately one billion memory location?

1,000,000,000 bytes is 1 gigabyte.

How many bit data can be stored in one memory location of 8086 microprocessor?


What is archiving?

Archiving is a process of moving the documents from one location in a computer memory to another location in a compact format ( or in a zip format ) .This helps in utilizing the active memory to store the currently active documents in an organization.

Specific location of a byte of storage in the computer's memory?

Memory Addresses

What holds the data or instructions fetched from the memory location?

cache memory

Differentiate between memory mapped IO and IO mapped IO?

Memory mapped IO is one where the processor and the IO device share the same memory location(memory) while IO mapped IO is one where the processor and the IO device have different memory located to each other.

A kilobyte represents approximately how many memory locations?

If a memory location stores one byte, then a kilobyte is made up of 1,000 locations.

What factor decides the bit size of a processor?

bit size is a wordlength of one memory location

Where can memory books be bought?

Memory books can be usually bought at one's local bookstore, such Books-a-Million or any other local bookstore. If one is looking for a specific one, then one can check on Amazon.

What is a PLC Memory?

Memory is the component that stores information, programs, and data in a PLC. See more..... projuktiponno The process of putting new information into a memory location is called writing. The process of retrieving information from a memory location is called reading. Types of Memory The common types of memory used in PLCs are Read Only Memory (ROM) and Random Access Memory (RAM). A ROM location can be read, but not written. ROM is used to store programs and data that should not be altered. For example, the PLCโ€™s operating programs are stored in ROM. A RAM location can be read or written. This means the information stored in a RAM location can be retrieved and/or altered. Ladder logic programs are stored in RAM. When a new ladder logic program is loaded into a PLCโ€™s memory, the old program that was stored in the same locations is over-written and essentially erased. The memory capacities of PLCs vary. Memory capacities are often expressed in terms of kilobytes (K). One byte is a group of 8 bits. One bit is a memory location that may store one binary number that has the value of either 1 or 0. (Binary numbers are addressed in Module 2). 1K memory means that there are 1024 bytes of RAM. 16K memory means there are 16 x 1024 =16384 bytes of RAM.

What is the difference between main memory and other memory location?

2 difference between main memory and other memory locations

What is a difference between register and a memory location?

A register is a temporary storage area for a byte or word on a CPU. A memory location is within RAM.

What is a memory mapped register?

A memory mapped register is a register that has its specific address stored in a known memory location.