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One source of constant electric current is a?

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Is a transformer one source of constant electric current?

A; Terminology is not correct a transformer is not really a source but rather a device to transform one source of power to some power that can be used as required minus efficiency of power transfer

What is one source of constant electric current?

Cells and batteries.A more detailed answerIn general, most power supply sources - including cells and batteries - cannot supply either a truly constant current or voltage.Because most load devices are designed to require a nearly constant voltage - and not a specific constant current. - most power supplies - including cells and batteries - are designed to supply a given output voltage whatever the current that is being drawn, provided of course that the current stays within a pre-determined designed range of output current values.One definition of "constant current source" is that it has zero output resistance, which in practice cannot exist.However, a transistor can act as a constant current source if biased and used in that manner. This can also be done using one of the several standard "voltage regulator" components - which are available from electronics parts suppliers - because they can be hooked-up to act as constant current sources to operate over a small range.

Why does the current rise when the voltage drops?

A: Either voltage or current if not supplied by a constant source will make either one sag

Name two types electric current?

Electric current can be either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). With DC, the direction of flow is constant. With AC, the direction of flow changes rapidly from one direction to the other.

What current is carried in an electric circuit?

By definition, an electric circuit allows electric current to flow from a source of current and back around to that source in a complete circuit, rather like water from a pump outlet flowing round a pipe back to the pump inlet in a circulating system. The electric current may flow in only one direction at all times (direct current, or pumping in only one direction) or may change direction periodically (alternating current, or reversing the pump periodically).

How does static electric differ from current electric?

Static electricity is a charge that is stored in a medium until it finds a way to discharge itself to a ground source .. scuffing your feet on a rug , socks help , will build a charge in you until you touch something ,, brother, door knob , lightening is a static charge, a capacitor uses a static charge Electric current is a constant flow of electricity from one place, a source thru a circuit and back to the source .. a battery is made to cause this flow thru chemical action .. the power in your house has various circuits that carry the electrical current flow thru the devices and appliances in your home

What current flows in one direction while anther remains constant?

In one direction - or constant - is called direct current. The other sort is called alternating current.

Why is DC field current required for an electric generator?

Direct current is simply a by-product of the generating process. It simply means the current travels in one polarity, where as AC, or alternating current changes polarity at a constant rate. (60 hertz in the US)

What is DC current?

Direct Current (DC) is an electric current flowing in one direction only.For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section indicated below.

Can an electric current generate an electromagnetic wave?

Not a constant electric current but a changing one will generate electromagnetic waves.First: If you have a lone electron, and it is accelerated in any way, it will send off an electromagnetic wave. This is because a changing electric field generates a magnetic field.It is also true that changing magnetic field will generate an electric field. This is the reason that if you have an electric current, which is generating a magnetic field, and you change the current you generate an electromagnetic wave. To generate a continuous sinusoidal electromagnetic wave you continuously change the current sinusoidally.

What creates electric current?

The flow of electrons from one point to another in a circuit creates an electric current.

What is the formula of getting leakage current?

There are several formulas to find out leakage current, but one is the general electric current equation. This electric current equation is I=Qt.

What does a current and coulomb have in common?

A coulomb is the charge caused by a constant current of one ampere (what current is measured in) in one second.

What is a direct current?

An electric current flowing in one direction only.

An electric current flowing only in one direction?

direct current

What is the name of an electric current that flows in one direction?

DC current

Name one household items that use a battery as a source of electric current?

Alarm Clock Hair Dryer Disco Ball A lot of things.

Is the current the same at every place in a series circuit?

Yes. Current flows in loops, so it must be constant throughout a circuit that contains only one loop (ie from a source through several circuit elements, to ground/back to the opposite side of the source).

What are the components of a circuit?

One conductor, a source of electricity, and a receiving device to use the electricity.Another answerA source of electricity, a load to use the electricity and sufficient conductors to join them together so that an electric current can flow from the source to the load.

What are Sources of direct current and alternating current?

One source of DC would be a battery and one source of AC would be a generator.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electrical current?

One of the main advantage of electric current is that it is a source of energy which is used and transformed into other forms of energy. Disadvantage. It can be sometimes dangerous if electrical appliances are not handled properly.

Electric Current that flows in one direction is called?

direct current ( "DC" )

What is the part of a circuit that connects or disconnects the circuit?

Switches, fuses and circuit breakers are examples of some of the electrical parts which can connect or disconnect a circuit to a source of current. A diode does it for alternating current, but only for one half of each cycle. "Connecting" allows an electric current to flow through the circuit. "Disconnecting" stops an electric current from flowing through the circuit.

How are batteries a source of direct current?

Batteries are a source of direct current because they product power (voltage and current) in only one direction.

How does a static discharge differ from an electric current?

It doesn't differ at all, an electric current is electricity that is moving in a current and when static electricity is discharged from an object it creates a current from one object to another