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One who does not like woman is a?

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if a man doesent like woman then he is gay if a woman doesent like a woman then she is straight

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One who does not like a woman is a n?

There is no particular word for not liking a woman (an individual woman). A misogynist is someone who doesn't like women in general.

How do you sensually satisfy a Woman?

u satisfy a woman by loving her and acting like shes the only one in the whole universe idol you woman.

What Does Maynard Keenan Like In women?

Maynard like woman of Asian decent. Woman who are fit. Women with ripe breasts. and has only been known to like one blonde.

One minute she loves you the next not?

Woman, get use to it. They are all like that!!

Does Brittany like woman?

Brittney does like woman.

How can you tell if your transgender?

If you are a man but feels like a woman inside and wants to dress like one you are transgender.

Who is a complicated man but no one understands him like his woman?

Shaft! (damn straight)

Why Does a man call a woman grandma when she is not a grandma?

She might look like one.

Is Vanessa Hudgens a he she?

What kind of question is this. She looks like a woman, talks like a woman, acts like a woman, and dresses like a woman. I'm thinking, she is a woman. Oh and she's dating Zac Efron. So what does that tell you??? DAWG!

Does a man like a woman who is hard to get?

Does a man like a woman who is hard to get

Who are the woman that like to introduce their finger in the men bottom?

That could be any woman. There is not a specific one. You just have to ask your partner if she's willing to do it.

Why does a woman like to hear some one say to her that They Love her?

It makes her feel good.

How does the foreskin of the woman look like?

It's part of a penis, so they don't have one.

When does a Woman really feel like a Woman?

When she decides she has become a woman.

What song does Beyonce sing in The Pink Panther?

'Woman Like Me''Woman Like Me'

Why does Michael Jackson look like a woman?

He doesn't look like a woman.

Is a man a woman?

No, it can't really be that answer. There's two sides, man or woman. You are born usually just one gender. If you mean "Does a man act like a woman?" Well, if they are gay, perhaps. If the man thinks they are the opposite gender of what they were born to be, and have surgery to look and act like a woman, yes. But no it is very unlikely to have a man a woman.

Did Ares have more than one wife?

ares had one god wife that he will be married to forever but like all the gods he had children with mortal woman but they never married the mortal woman they had children with.

What is the duration of A Woman Like Eve?

The duration of A Woman Like Eve is 1.88 hours.

When was A Woman Like Eve created?

A Woman Like Eve was created in 1981-08.

Is it true that a woman you like that does not look at you can be two things like she does not like you or she is hiding her feelings for you so how can you tell one from the other?

she's hiding something

You like this guy but he has a girlfriend and he lies to you about not having one?

Move on. you are the other woman and he does not plan on leaving her for you.

Do woman like men to dress as woman?

ummm... NO

How do you treat a woman like a woman in every way?

Treat her like a respected human being. There is no difference in how to treat a man or a woman.

What is the name of the monster with the body of a bird and the head of a woman?

Harpy or Siren or a Sphinx (like the one who asked tricky riddles in Ancient Greece, not like the Egyptian one).