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yeah i think open auditions are awesome. it gives people like me who love to dance but arent involved in the movie buisness a chance to tryout.

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Where can You find High School Musical 3 open auditions in llanelli?

Where, when, how

Were there any open auditions in Glasgow 2008?

The UK Theatre School held open auditions on Saturday 8th November 2008 at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

High school musical 3 open auditions?

hi my name is Emma and i live in the UK and i was woundering have u got any plans to come to this country? and is there really auditions for HSM 3 is so czn i have details about it? if u live to contact me any type of answer my address is

When are the next open auditions for doctor who in London series 6?

They don't do open auditions.

Doctor Who Series 5 auditions?

There are no open auditions.

Will there be Katniss Everdeen auditions in Wisconsin?

There are no open auditions for Katniss. However, the open auditions for the not main tributes and the extras are in north carolina.

What upcoming auditions for Disney channel are there?

well high school musical 3 already has an open call, the new Hannah Montana movies, a new show J.O.N.A.S and a movie the will star the Jonas brothers ..that all have for now if you have any more questions please contact me @imadork99@aim.comthank you.AnswerOPENING AUDITIONS FOR THE MUSICAL TOOTHPASTE Answerwell high school musical 3 already has an open call, the new Hannah Montana movies, a new show J.O.N.A.S and a movie the will star the Jonas brothers ..that all have for now if you have any more questions please contact me @ dat_short_kid@yahoo.comthank you.

Are the fablehaven movie auditions open?

the producer of fablehaven is supposed to be a big time producer so it isn't likely to have open auditions, sorry i am still trying to find out if this is true about not having open auditions

Will there be an open casting call for High School Musical 3 if so where are they?

Yes They Are

When does high school musical come in theatres?

High School Musical 3 will open in theatres October 24th of 2008, although it is rumored that there may be midnight showings.

Are tryouts for The Lightning Thief open auditions?

They have already held auditions for The Titans Curse!

Is there open auditions for torchwood series 5?

No, Torchwood does not hold open auditions. All roles are cast by their casting director Andy Pryor, who contacts agents he has a professional relationship with, and they recomment suitable clients for auditions. The only way to get an audition for Torchwood or Doctor Who, is to go to drama school, start working, and sign with a good agent.

Do you know of any auditions for teenage girls in America?

It is easiest to get an agent, and they will find auditions for you. There are some cattle call auditions that are open to anyone, but many auditions are closed auditions and require you to be called to the audition.

When will High School Musical 3 premiere in Malaysia?

the movies open on 24th oct

Where are the audtions for Breaking Dawn?

The auditions are closed and you must have an agent there are not open auditions but try for eclipse

Where will the Hunger Games Audition Tour stop?

No one is sure where auditions will be. Auditions may NOT be open to the public.

When are America's Got Talent auditions?

when and where will americas got talent hold open auditions in los angeles

Where are the auditions for xfactor 2012?

well apparently it will tell you on the TV when the auditions are open or you can look at the actual site

Are there any open Disney channel auditions for children 11-13 in NY?

are there any open Disney channel auditions for 11-13 in Toronto

Were there auditions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Yes there were some sort of auditions as new actors were in the movies. However, there didn't seem to be any open auditions.

Can you join the glee club?

It depends on what you mean. If your middle or high school has a Glee Club, yes, you can audition for the club. If you are talking about the television show, Glee, MAYBE. Glee casting directors had open Glee auditions in early 2011. I have no knowledge of when they will hold auditions again or if they ever will hold auditions.

Open acting auditions for 11 year olds?


What are the characters that still have open auditions for eclipse?


When are the auditions for x factor 2010 open?


What kid singing auditions are open for 2010?

this is 2014