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Opposition to the League of Nations by the US Senate during the Paris Peace Conference?


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... gave allied leaders in Paris a stronger bargaining position.

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The Senate was not happy with the idea of the League of Nations. They felt it a threat to their checks and balances on the president.

he wanted unconditional acceptance of the charter of the League of Nations.

A.Incorrigibles; Reconstructionists B. Irreconcilables; Reservationists C. Isolationists; Imperialists D. Nationalists; Patriots

Yes, he supported the League of Nations although the Senate and the House of Representatives did not.

The U.S wanted to stay out of International affairs. That is why the Senate rejected the leauge of nations.

The U.S. Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles because of the League of Nations. The League of Nations (your ol' fashioned United Nations, in a way) was rejected because America was not willing to get involved in Europe's - or the rest of the world's - affairs. Because of this, the treaty had to be revised - so that America would not join the League of Nations.

Republican Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, led the opposition to the treaty, he argued "No peace that satisfied Germany in any degree can ever satisfy us". Lodge prevented the Senate to pass the treaty as a two thirds majority was required. Many senators believed the the League of Nations were compromise the sovereignty of the US.

Approve the US' membership in the League of Nations.

The United States failed to join the League of Nations because the United States Senate refused to approve the move.

The U.S. Senate did not want the country to join.

The U.S senate did not want the country to join.

Because there was no enforcement capability if a nation was sanctioned.

When US President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked the Senate to pass a resolution authorizing the President, at his discretion, to embargo arms shipments to aggressor nations, the Senate decided to amend the requested resolution. The Senate believed that if a president embargoed arms to an aggressor nation, it might involve the US in a war. The Senate therefore amended the resolution to embargo all nations should a dispute arise among both friendly and aggressive nations. This was a blow to his pledge to help the League of Nations.

The U.S. Senate refused Woodrow Wilson's wishes of having, The League of Nations.

the U.S. Senate did not want the country to join

It was the fact that the League of Nations were to be in the Treaty of Versailles. Since the U.S was isolationist, they didn't want ton involve themselves with the other nations. The 14 points just didn't make it any better for it to pass. It wasn't the opposition of the liberals and the conservatives.

It would entangle the United States too deeply in the foreign affairs of European nations.

The United States did not join the League of Nations, even though it originally planned it, due to Henry Cabot Lodge and Republican lack of support in the senate.

Wilson want to participate and lodge a republican from Massachusetts blocked it in the us senate so it never made it through.The Wilson partly agree with the League of Nations but the Americans and communicants did not agree for USA to join the League of Nations.

The U.S. Senate refused to agree to the League of Nations treaty which had been negotiated by Wilson. In so doing, sealed the League of Nations to failure. It was impossible for it to actively police the world without the support of the world's largest military.

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