oral health

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dental health

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Q: Oral health
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What is oral health?

The word "oral" refers to the mouth, which includes your teeth, gums, jawbone, and supporting tissues. Taking good care of your oral health can prevent disease in your mouth. Oral health can affect the health of your entire body. Good oral health does not just mean you have pretty teeth. Your whole mouth needs care to be in good health.

WHAT IS THE significance of dental health to a community?

Dental health now called oral health is a part of general health. There are significantly relationship between oral health and general health and have common risk factors like smoking, consuming sweet and cholesterol rich diet. Origin of some medical diseases are oral problems like migraine, indigestion. Role of oral health in community becomes notifiable and significant in community because of changing trend of epidemiology and demography. We can not offer quality health care without quality oral health care.

What is the role of nutrition in the promotion of oral health?

Roles of nutrition in health promotion

What is a dentist profession called?

Dentistry, or oral health

Which components scope the dental readiness and community oral health protection programs?

a.Dental Readiness Program (see para 6).b.Clinical Oral Health and Health Promotion Program (see para 7).c.Community Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program (see para 8).d.Community Oral Health Protection Report (see para 9).

What has the author Vickie J Kimbrough written?

Vickie J. Kimbrough has written: 'Oral health education' -- subject(s): Care and hygiene, Dental health education, Mouth, Oral Health, Study and teaching

How is Oral health related to your overall health?

Oral health is linked to B vitamins in the body. A lack of B vitamins is linked to dementia, nerve conductivity and mood. Also the teeth are linked to the heart (dental health) and heart function. Alcohol consumption diminishes B vitamins from the body. Chronic alcoholics have many oral health issues because of the deficiency of B vitamins.

What are the 4 types of health?

Mental, oral, sexual, and physical.

What are the responsibilities of a Pediatric Dentist?

Maintain the oral health of children

Who develped oral rehydration salts?

The World Health Organization

Who developed the Oral Rehydration Solution?

The World Health Organization

What has the author Oral Behunin written?

Oral Behunin has written: 'An evaluation of the professional preparation of health teachers in selected Oregon high schools' -- subject(s): Health education

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