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Q: Orchestral piece in three sections with added 4th movement?
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What do you call the beginning of an orchestral piece?

In an opera, the beginning of an orchestral piece is called an overture. Other orchestral performances don't have a special name for the beginning.

What is a 'tone' poem?

a tone poem is a poem that has an attitude

What is a small orchestral piece called?


What is the most famous piece from Samuel Barber?

Adagio for Strings (orchestral piece)

Is the music piece voices of spring classical?

Yes. It was orginially written as an orchestral waltz by Johann Strauss Jr., and words were added later for a solo singer.

What is a famous orchestral piece by maurice ravel?

Boléro, which premiered in 1928.

Is a movement a piece?

In music, a movement is a piece within a larger piece.

What is it called when someone rearranges an orchestral piece of music?

an arrangementAlso known as a "transcription".

What was the name of the orchestral piece in Hugo?

"Haggis In Moonlight" by Richard E. Spendheimer

Who composed scheherazade?

Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov wrote the famous four-movement orchestral piece. Maurice Ravel wrote a set of three exotic songs for soprano and orchestra.

What is a piece of program music for orchestra in one movement that through several contrasting sections develops a poetic idea called?

Symphonic poem

What orchestral piece usually precedes an opera or an oratorio?

The Overture ... an introduction to an extended work.

What orchestral piece usually preceded an opera or an oratorio?

The Overture ... an introduction to an extended work.

What is the name given to a piece of music between sections of a play?

The sections in between the sections of a play are referred to as interludes.

How many sections does greensleeves piece have?


How many movements does an overture have?

Typically an overture is a one-movement orchestral piece written either as the prelude to an opera or musical play or as a stand-alone symphonic piece, frequently illustrating a literary theme or story, such as Tchaikovsky's Fantasy-Overture, Romeo and Juliet.

What was the name of the first orchestral piece that Mozart conducted in the movie?

serenade for winds "gran partita"

Is there a famous orchestral piece that sounds like Sing Sweet Nightingale from Cinderella?

Yes,the theme of Dvořák's 2nd Movement of the New World Symphony comes very close to the melody of Sing Sweet Nightingale.

What is Orchestral piece at the beginning of an opera?

It's called the "Overture". It originally applied to only the orchestral introduction to an opera, but later composers used the term to refer to independent instrumental works.

What is a tone poem?

A symphonic poem or tone poem is a piece of orchestral music in a single continuous section (a movement) in which the content of a poem, a story or novel, a painting, a landscape or another (non-musical) source is illustrated or evoked.

Whose orchestral piece 433 consists of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence?

John Cage

How many 12inch sections can you get out 9 foot piece of plywood?

You need to cut a 9 foot piece of plywood into 12 inch sections. Every cut also removes 1/8 inch. How many 12 inch sections can you get out of the 9 foot piece of plywood?

Is Fur Elise an orchestral piece of Music?

No, Fur Elise was originally composed for solo piano. This piece may have been arranged for the orchestra by other composers.

What is a famous orchestral piece that is played on the clarinet?

Clarinet Concerto in A major (K. 622) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Who composed the music for the famous opera Porgy and Bess and the famous orchestral piece Rhapsody in Blue?

George Gershwin.